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October 9, 2019

Easton Centennial October Student Highlight: Claire Johnson

Jesse Stemple

Easton Centennial October Student Highlight: Claire Johnson

This month we are highlighting jiu jitsu blue belt and newly professional MMA fighter, Claire Johnson!

We are so excited to give some love to Claire as Easton Centennial student highlight this month!
Claire has been training with Easton since she and her husband, Ed, moved to Colorado in May 2018 to start training with Elevation Fight Team.

A Michigan native, Claire’s MMA training is what brought her to jiu jitsu when she was training with Bulldog Fight Team under UFC Veteran Todd Brown. In total, Claire has been training jiu jitsu for 5 years with a 2 year break where she spent her time focusing on body building.

Since moving to Colorado, Claire has had 2 amateur MMA fights, 1 boxing match, and just recently made her pro debut with Invicta Fighting Championships where she won by 3rd round arm bar! That moves Claire’s MMA record to 8-1-0 with a professional record of 1-0-0!

Her recent win over Jordan Kazee in her pro debut with IFC. You can watch her fight here.

It’s no question to anyone that Claire is a total bad ass in the cage. However, she’s also a great teammate, partner, and person on and off the mats!
We appreciate having Claire as a teammate for so many reasons!
You can always count on Claire to give you a tough, technical roll in class (thankfully without the elbows she throws in the cage!)
Claire is extremely dedicated to her passions. In addition to being a professional fighter, she also manages to work her accounting job as well.
She and her husband, Ed, always bring their incredible knowledge and positive energies to the mat!


If there’s a word to describe Claire, it’s TOUGH.
She’s a force to be reckoned with.
She’s dedicated.
At Easton, we are more than thankful to have students like Claire represent our school and be an example of what hard work can bring.
And not only as an example of her success on the mats and in the cage. She’s an example of being a great contributor to our community and our team.
Because that’s what Easton is about: being your best self. For you and inherently for everyone around you too.
If you know Claire, then you know. Keep your eye out for the Grizzly.
She’s going places.

Thank you for being you, Claire!

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