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March 25, 2011

Easton BJJ Results for UFC 128!

Amal Easton

Easton BJJ Results for UFC 128!

Hey everyone, UFC 128 was a great night for the Easton/Grudge fighters. They all fought impressively, and we’re proud of their performance!

Nate Marquardt vs. Dan Miller

Nate Marquardt proved superior against Miller with his vicious strikes and awe-inspiring takedowns. He displayed amazing ground and pound while also defending some intense guillotine attempts from Miller making him win in a unanimous decision through every round by all three judges.

Miller was a superb opponent and showed solid skill in all aspects of the fight with notably strong guillotine attempts, but was dominated by the more experienced Marquardt.

Brendan Schaub vs. Cro Cop

Brendan Schaub won round one and two, 10-9, by both judges.  However, He earned a point deduction for a misplaced punch to the back of the head in round two. He opened with a head kick, but then fired back with punches to answer every kick that Cro Cop threw at him. Brendan seemed to have the striking edge, keeping Cro Cop from ever finding his range and representing Striking Coach Trevor Wittman’s work very well. Brendan showed unbelievable takedowns with at least four solid double legs, which he learned from his wrestling coach Leister Bowling.

His wrestling abilities were incredibly impressive: taking Cro Cop down a lot easier than other wrestlers, including Olympic, were ever able to accomplish. Brendan punished with solid ground and pound and completely annulled any ground game that Cro Cop attempted with what he learned from Coach Amal Easton.  Still, Cro Cop looked better than ever this UFC and really brought it. In round three, Brendon fired off a right hand before Cro Cop could get his kick off and then Brendan dropped him to the canvas and finished off with a brutal punch to the head, earning him the knockout of the night!

Elliot Marshall vs. Luis Cane

Eliot Marshall started off on the right foot but after getting poked in the eye, he had to fight Luis Cane without vision.  Unfortunately, the judge did not see the blow and Marshall went down to protect himself, which allowed the most dangerous striker in the division to keep sending Marshall blows until the fight was stopped due to a TKO. Cane apologized after the fight but did what had to be done. Hats off to Cane and we really hope to see Marshall get another shot.

So that’s the wrap up for UFC 128! Congrats to all Easton/Grudge fighters and coaches who did a great job preparing for these fights. And thanks to great sparring partners who suffered every day with these guys! We can’t wait to see which Easton/Grudge fighters will be at UFC 129! And remember,  Easton BJJ is the pro’s choice for MMA training in Boulder!


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