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January 11, 2023

Easton BJJ Belt Promotion List Winter 2023

Tatyana Grechina

Easton BJJ Belt Promotion List Winter 2023

We’re so excited to announce our 2023 Winter BJJ Belt Promotion List!

At Easton, we want to facilitate the best space for growth and will stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals.

This looks different for everybody, but one thing all of these students have in common is that they’ve done just that; they exemplify what it means to be a black belt partner, on and off the mats.

Please help us commemorate and congratulate these students’ milestones by attending the Easton Winter BJJ Belt Promotion Ceremony at Easton Denver on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

  • 10:30 AM Training
  • 11:30 AM Promotions



Below is the list of promotions:


Bonnie Collins

Brett Spillman

Nick Patterson

Angel Flores

Lyam Hassell

Matt Jodis

Sam Henehan

Mike Collins

Malakai Owens

Charles Mullens

Jon Kosak

Jennifer Aument

Mia Lucci

Tate Peterson

Ryan Keenan

Harlan Smyth

Steven Bryant

Bob Baty-Barr

Seamus Brady

Andy Dahlinghaus

Shayla Gloster

Bruce Grossman

Alec Schrum

Lily Gayou

William Holmes

Jess Meilan

Logan Ryan

Tom Sullivan

Brian Potter

Michael Myers

Miguel Santos

Mike Donnelly

Darian Stewart

Brian McCarthy

Andrew Estrada

Demian Manzo

Jeremiah Rodriguez

Thor Bourgeois

Joseph Licata

Hillary Schefter

Nick Kuehner

Tim Dunbar

Gianna Allen

Richard Hart

Rick Hammack

Joshua Budry

Rachel Stelting

Rastin Khorammi



Omar Taher

Corey Donahue

David Trowbridge

Dan Urmann

Madeline Nealis

Mike DeTraglia

Marika Dasbach

Josh Edwards

Andrew Stefani

Alex Casas

Eli Schmidt

Steve King

Kevin Lambert

Jeff Lambert

Cameron Finger

Lillia Jackson

Josh Kreger

Jose Arroyo

Johnny Pham

Richard Bartlett

Clint Banks

Matt Strawn



Roxanne Safipour

Nathan Sevedge

Nick Schaller

Evan Contreras

Nicholas Derimow

Logan Weintraub

Jackson Rudd

Ryan Hardy

Evan Brown

Chris Cook

Melissa Suro

Tom Salina

Andrew D’Addario

Danny Ramirez

Ilia Peev

Ricky Varela

Alex Glades

Katie Fialko

Jordan Shipman



Black belts will be notified of their promotion privately before the event. Come to the promotion to congratulate the newest Easton Black Belts!


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