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July 15, 2018

Easton Arvada Pad-Holding Seminar

Matthew Bloss

Easton Arvada Pad-Holding Seminar

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Pad holding… one of the major pieces of Muay Thai class that can ultimately make or break your experience. On Saturday, June 30th, ETC-Arvada’s Muay Thai program was thrilled to give our students the chance to get more comfortable on all striking equipment during a special two-hour seminar. Students were led through a series of drills, lectures and much more centered around proper technique both striking and holding using Thai Pads, Focus Mitts, Suit Cases, and more.

Coach Matt Bloss demonstrates technique in Muay Thai class at Easton Arvada

The first ETC-Arvada Pad-Holding Seminar ended up being a smashing success with 20 strong in attendance, including representatives from 4 different Easton academies. We were thrilled to take this opportunity to ease the transition from our Kickboxing program into our Muay Thai program, while having plenty of fun in the process. Thanks so much to everyone that made this first seminar a great one! ETC-Arvada will be running these seminars twice per year (One Summer, one Winter), and as always, will be open to our entire Easton Community regardless of program, rank or experience.

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