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January 13, 2020

Easton Arvada January 2020 Member of the Month: Travis Boughan

Caroline O'Connell

Easton Arvada January 2020 Member of the Month: Travis Boughan

At the beginning of September, Travis Baughan bought a Groupon for a month of kickboxing at Easton Arvada. He wanted to get back in shape and thought that kickboxing would be an engaging way to drop a few pounds. His first coaches were Mike Pike and Chris Wagner. The most memorable aspect of his first class was the energy in the room. The instructors pushed him to his limit and didn’t let him give up. He states, “I told myself I wanted to get where the coaches were in their training so I try to go to the gym every day.” And after that class, Travis became a dedicated martial artist. He trains almost every day for at least two hours. He even stays after class to hit the bag and ask the coaches questions. He even got his younger cousin into training Muay Thai. Through Muay Thai their relationship has grown.

At work all Travis thinks about is training, and once he gets off he rushes to Easton for kickboxing and Muay Thai. Since September, Travis has taken 100 classes and has received his orange shirt in Muay Thai. He has also lost weight, which was his initial goal. His advice for new students is: “Push yourself to go to the gym. If you don’t see improvement: keep training and trust me you will.” 

Easton Arvada is so lucky to have such a dedicated martial artist like Travis! We are all so proud of his progress and can’t wait for his future as a Muay Thai practitioner.


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