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February 4, 2019

Dave Leduc Seminar Recap

Roxana Safipour

Dave Leduc Seminar Recap

Dave Leduc Seminar

On Sunday, January 27th, Easton had the pleasure of hosting Dave “The Nomad” Leduc for a special Lethwei seminar.  Dave, who is French-Canadian, is the current Open-Weight World Champion in Lethwei. He currently lives in Dubai, but has spent extensive time in Myanmar and other parts of Asia while he competed overseas. He is currently touring in the US, and we were lucky enough  to grab him for a day to come share his knowledge with us! 

Lethwei, also known as “Burmese Boxing” is a close cousin of Muay Thai, as they originated in the same region. However, there are some slight rule variations. The big differences between the two sports is that in Lethwei you can use headbutts and there are no gloves! It is a very intense sport, and the Lethwei athletes must train their bodies accordingly to prepare for such rigorous competition. 

Dave’s seminar covered critical details on how to punch without protection on the hands, as well as how to properly headbutt and where to attack with the head. These techniques were very eye-opening to the students in attendance! We learned the intricacies of the head butts in the clinch, and how to pair them with the use of elbows from Muay Thai. We saw many techniques that overlapped with Muay Thai that we were able to grasp and tie into our own styles. Dave did an amazing job of relating what works in Muay Thai and what only works in Lethwei and why. 

After Dave ran us through some excellent technical drilling, he finished with some of his conditioning routine that he calls “Burmese Line Drills,” which involved sprints, core work, and bare knuckle body punches! Once we wrapped up the conditioning, we finished with a Q&A session and then individual certificates that showed we completed one of his seminars. It was truly a great seminar on a sport that we previously had little knowledge about. Dave did an excellent job of bridging the gap between Muay Thai and Lethwei for us, all while showing some brutal techniques! 

If you want to learn more about Dave Leduc and Lethwei, I would recommend heading to YouTube to watch some clips of him in action! 

-Sean Madden, Muay Thai Program Director 


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