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April 1, 2015

Chris Tramell: Life of a Striker

Sachi Ainge

Chris Tramell: Life of a Striker

Few people in this day and age can say they’ve lived a truly nomadic lifestyle for the better part of a decade. It is a claim to fame that Chris Trammell wears with pride, and one of the primary reasons that he packed his life in Austin Texas into a small sedan accompanied by training partner Terrence Moore and headed west to Boulder, Colorado, to become the newest addition to the coaching staff at Easton Training Center.
Chris’s interest in Colorado was initially piqued during his first outing to Denver when he fought local favorite and perennial striking enthusiast, L.T. Nelson in November of 2013 for the Sparta Combat League. Since his initial inception with the organization, Chris has gone on to become the SCL middleweight Muay Thai champion after going 3-0 against Charlie Brown and Brian Scraper (twice). The rematch with Scraper resulted in a tumultuous and firework-laden brawl in front of 5,000 attendees at the Budweiser Events Center that saw Chris end the fight in the third and final round with a crushing right hand.
When discussing his fight career, it is clear that Chris believes his wide scope of training partners and coaches over the span of the past decade have shaped him into the talented kickboxer we see today. A difficult opinion to argue with, considering Chris’s resumé is as impressive as they come. A seasoned stint in 2004 with Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas had Chris spending countless hours on the mats with a who’s who list of fighters that included Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, Gray Maynard, Phil Baroni and Rampage Jackson (just to name a few of the many former UFC champions on the Las Vegas fight scene at the time).
As Chris progressed as an athlete, his focus gradually shifted from MMA to strictly Muay Thai. A transition in his game that has taken him to China, Thailand and Ireland to fight rising stars, from tall and rangy Dutchmen to grizzled veterans in the historic stadiums across Bangkok.

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While the existence of a journeying pugilist is by no means an easy one, Chris maintains that life is best lived when experienced at 120 miles per hour– an ideology Chris has embodied through his athletic endeavors and the lessons he has learned from each and every adventure. Just as it is common knowledge that it only takes a single well-timed punch or kick to redirect the course of an entire fight, the decision to commit to a lifestyle as archaic and unpredictable as fighting has a tendency to put everything into perspective; an idea that alludes to life being lived in absolutes. Not absolute certainty– just absolutes.


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