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February 17, 2020

Carlos Miramontes: Member of the Month February 2020

Caroline O'Connell

Carlos Miramontes: Member of the Month February 2020

This month’s member of the month is super special. He doesn’t let anything stop him from achieving his dreams. His name is Carlos Miramontes (C_5280) and he trains both kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu.

He started training at Easton in September 2019 because he wanted to be secure and know how to handle situations if needed. He also wants to challenge himself and see “what a one-legged man can do.” His goal for training is to be confident in his ability to handle any situation that comes his way. He also hopes to push through the mental barriers he creates for himself. He states, “We all want to be great which starts by proving yourself to yourself.”

In his spare time, Carlos mainly likes to lift weights, and read books. He reads textbooks, mindset books, comic books, and health books. He also likes to hike, do freelance photography, hang out with family, and DJ. He looks forward to his future, and whatever it may hold! His favorite aspect of Easton Arvada is the community. He says, “Their welcoming environment is definitely a magnet.” He recalls some advice that a coach had given him which was to “take care of our toys.” This means we are responsible for taking care of our peers. We are all trying to excel and learn something new without judging each other.

Lastly, he gives some great advice to future students! He states, “Believe in yourself. It’s you vs you. Come with an open mind to absorb the techniques and skills. Be patient. Good things take time without any investment worth having. Show up to class and get comfortable being uncomfortable.” We are so happy to have such a motivational student at Arvada, and we can’t wait to see where his martial arts journey takes him.


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