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December 3, 2016

Bob Perez Muay Thai Seminar Recap

Sachi Ainge

Bob Perez Muay Thai Seminar Recap

On December 3rd and 4th Easton Training Center hosted Kru Bob Perez of Houston Muay Thai for a two seminars at the Boulder and Denver locations. Kru Bob has been a Muay Thai practitioner since 1998, and as a coach, he’s trained fighters in the UFC, Glory, Bellator, and more.
His Easton Muay Thai seminars were both well attended, and it quickly became apparent that he more than deserves his many coaching awards and accolades. Over the course of each two-hour seminar, he peppered students with a plethora of drills to work on. His philosophy is that each person will have a technique that speaks to them, so by teaching a wide variety of options for returns, sweeps, and inside work, everyone comes away with something new to build into their game. His creative combinations were met with appreciative cries of, “Oooeeey!” and the mood was high as everyone tossed, kicked, and punched their partners around the mat.
Thank you, Kru Bob, for sharing your knowledge with the Easton Muay Thai fighters and students!
Check out these photos by Mike Jackson:


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