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December 28, 2018

Arvada December Newsletter

Caroline O'Connell

Arvada December Newsletter

It’s been a busy month at Easton Arvada, and we are excited to tell you what we’ve been up to!

5280 Muay Thai Event

Coach Connor Owens fought at the 5280 Muay Thai event on December 15th at the Stampede and won! He lost the first round, but won the second and third rounds. Many Easton students came out to support Connor for his debut. We are lucky to have Connor as a Coach, and competitor for Easton Arvada.

Muay Thai Smoker

On December 8th, Easton Arvada had four students compete at this Muay Thai Smoker and they all showed tremendous determination. We had a great time at the Denver academy enjoying the Easton community! Jed Heinz, Linda Le, David Lee, and Amanda Trzeciak had great showings. All athletes spent hours sparring and preparing for their matches, so when you see them around the academy please congratulate them on their hard work.

Member of the Month

Every month we choose a student who demonstrates respect, discipline, and a positive attitude. This month we chose the Reiss family consisting of Micah age 5, Lincoln age 7, and father Brendan Reiss. Micah says, “The coaches, my brother, and other students were kind and helped me feel comfortable in class. Now I help others when they are new. I learned we help each other learn.” Lincoln states, “I have learned confidence, respect, and am learning to be calm and control myself. I am learning that I am strong, powerful and can do hard things.” While the Little Tiger’s warm up, Brendan Reiss would follow along on a different mat. Brendan states, “I did not want to live through my kids’ experiences from the sidelines, but rather put myself out there, work hard, and reap the benefits of learning this amazing sport.”

Coming Up…..

Grappling Industries in January

Want an opportunity to compete in January? Register for the Grappling Industries tournament taking place on January 12th. Grappling Industries follows Red Robin formatting meaning that all competitors are automatically guaranteed four fights. This could mean eight matches for those who compete gi and no gi! Be sure to sign up before January 8th to ensure your position!

Bullyproof Seminar

On January 12th and 13th, Easton is hosting a bullyproof seminar for kids to raise money for the foundation Heroes In Waiting. Professor Elliot Marshall will cover a variety of Jiu Jitsu techniques meant to stop bullying. Topics of discussion will include how to de-escalate and avoid a situation, and how to defend themselves if needed. If interested, sign up your child!


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