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April 27, 2019

April’s Member of the Month: Bret Dornon

Caroline O'Connell

April’s Member of the Month: Bret Dornon

Bret Dornon is a ten year old kid with the utmost respect for all of those around him. He always arrives on time, with a smile on his face and his key card to check in to class. He is a good training partner during both drilling and randori. For these reasons, Bret is April’s member of the month. Bret is experienced, patient, and kind, therefore, coaches put him with first time students because they know he will take care of them. He has been training for over a year, and attends both Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu classes. He started training for self defense purposes. Since starting martial arts, Bret has become more respectful to others and enthusiastic about being physically active.

He continues to train because he feels comfortable with the other students and coaches and thrives on physical activity. He loves learning, in fact he is bilingual and loves history class. His parents encourage him to pay attention, not get distracted, and have patience so he can get the most out of his training. Even when he feels tired and unmotivated he still shows up and gives it his all. He loves competing, and did an amazing job at the In House tournament!

Originally, his parents were worried that training would either be too intense, or not intense enough. They also were concerned that he wouldn’t get the individual attention that he deserves. However, Easton has thoroughly impressed them. His dad states, “I see now that there was no reason to worry. The intensity is great, and everything is done with team spirit and respect. The ratio of coaches to students is exceptional, and the coaches are really into helping each student reach his or her potential.”

Lastly, when a member of our staff wasn’t having a great day, Bret came up to her and gave her a hug. Instantly she felt better. Bret is a very special kid with exceptional discipline. We are so lucky to have him at Easton Arvada!


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