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November 3, 2015

A Title Belt for Max Madorsky

Sachi Ainge

A Title Belt for Max Madorsky

On October 2nd, Coach Max Madorsky of ETC Centennial fought Ethan Alley at the Stampede in Aurora for the Kick Down MMA Junior Lightweight title. His training for this bout followed his usual fight preparation routine, training daily with Professors Ethan Snow and Vellore Caballero, weekly with Elevation Fight Team, and three times a week with Professor Duane Ludwig. Knowing the title belt was on the line, he felt some butterflies going into the cage, but the fight was over quickly. Max won by rear naked choke in 56 seconds.

Max says that the significance of the title made the win incredibly fun and emotional. “Having that belt on made me the happiest person alive. For about 15 minutes. A belt still only has one use in my opinion. Holding up your pants. Winning a title, in the long run, does not satisfy me at all. I am still hungry as ever to prove myself, and show everyone that I will be the best in the world someday.”
He was disappointed he didn’t have the opportunity to showcase more of his striking, but is happy that his hard work in training has paid off. He has been working to improve every part of his game, and is looking forward to taking on another fight in the next few months.


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