So You Just Started Striking: Some Tips to Help Fill in the Gaps

You’ve just begun your Easton Muay Thai journey, and you’re jazzed. You had your first Kickboxing class, you signed up for our trial month, and you decided to give it a fair shot.

Perhaps you’re still renting gloves, or maybe you’ve bought your own. You’re slowly transitioning away from the rental quick wraps, and just got some 180″ Mexican Ringside wraps so that you can properly protect all those little bones in your hand. We always recommend these so that you can customize the wraps to your needs — like if you have weaker wrists, or need more knuckle support!

Maybe by now you know how to use your knees and elbows; you’ve learned your basic punches, how to twist your hips. But what about the little things?

How do you wash those crazy long wraps? How do you properly take care of your gear?

We all get excited about starting a new sport and getting new gear; sometimes, the biggest challenge (and one we may feel silly admitting) rests in how to take care of our stuff!

That’s why we’ve put together this quick post of a few best practices when it comes to wrapping your hands and cleaning your gear, to hopefully help fill in some gaps!

Wrapping Your Hands

Easton’s Muay Thai Program Director Sean Madden shows us how to wrap our hands before class.

Wash your wraps without getting them tangled

Wash your wraps after every session! It’ll make your gloves last longer, and it’ll make your training partners like you more. Watch this short video below and level up your wrap game. Never worry about pulling a tangled mass out of your washer again!

Sachi Ainge shows us how to wash our wraps without getting them tangled!

Cleaning your gear

We recommend using 10-Second spray to keep your gear clean! It both disinfects and deodorizes, and you can buy it at the academy as well as online.

While you may encounter cloth shin guards which you can throw in the washing machine, we don’t recommend those for adults! For the most part, the shin guards you’ll use are made of leather or a similar material, and aren’t meant to go through the washer.

You can use the 10-Second spray to spray down any part of your gear that you sweat on or which touches sweaty people.

For gloves, spray both the inside and the outside. Shin guards — you can spray the front and back as well as the inside if they’re the kind that completely cover the back part of your leg!

If you have any other questions, make sure you reach out to your academy and coaches — they’re always happy to provide more information!

Curious about trying Kickboxing? Sign up for a free class today!

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