Muay Thai Summer Smoker

Saturday July 31st
Easton Training Center – Denver
1304 S Santa Fe Drive

Fight camp is in progress, and our Easton Muay Thai athletes are preparing to put on a great show at the Summer Muay Thai Smoker! This is our first smoker in almost a year, and you can count on an exciting day of exhibition bouts.

The in-house smoker is the first step into the world of Muay Thai competition for Easton’s students. We’ll start the day off with a Wai Kru demonstration, showcasing the traditional dance performed by Muay Thai fighters prior to competition to honor their lineage. Then, advanced students from all academies and affiliates will enter the ring, many for the first time ever, to square up with a student from another location. These are friendly fights, intended to showcase the hard work and sharp skills of our nak muay, so you won’t see any knockouts. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they won’t be intense! After two months of hard training to prepare, these athletes will be in peak condition, ready to push the pace and prove their mettle.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store. All are welcome! Bring family and friends!

Please note, new this year: to cover our event costs, there will be a $10 spectator fee at the door.

Rank Shirt Promotion Ceremony

Following the bouts, stick around for our rank shirt promotion ceremony! We’ll be celebrating as a number of our students level up, so please join us in congratulating them!

Schedule of Events

8:30 AM Weigh-Ins

10:30 AM Rules Meeting

11:45 AM Wai Kru Demonstration

12:00 PM First Bout

After the last bout of the day: Shirt promotions!

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