March is Easton Buddy Month!

Bring your friends to training!

March 2020 is Buddy Month at all Easton academies. Invite all your friends!

If training at Easton has changed your life for the better, and you have a friend who you think would also benefit from martial arts and being part of this community, we want to meet them! They’ve probably been hearing you talk about your Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai training for months or even years, and this is a great time for them to come check out Easton Training Center.

We love it when members bring in their friends because our community and our culture are special. We want more people like you on the mats!

How it Works…

1. Book an Appointment

Talk with the front desk to set up an appointment for your friend. Some of our beginner classes require an orientation beforehand. Giving the front desk 24 hours notice helps us to give your friend a great experience.

If your friend lives in a different town, that’s no problem! They can still participate in Buddy Month at the Easton academy of their choice.

2. Special Offer for Buddies

We’re offering an enrollment special for all buddies referred by Easton members in March: a $75 trial month. Your friends will be able to attend unlimited classes in all programs during the trial month.

3. Win Prizes

At each location, the members who enroll the most buddies by April 1st will win a new gi or gloves from the pro shop. We’ll have one adult and one child winner at each academy.

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    […] If you have ever wanted to have your friend try out martial arts, now is a perfect time! March is Buddy Month, so invite all your friends! They will receive two months of discounted training, and you will be entered into a competition to earn new gear. The person who brings in the most buddies will win a new gi or a pair of gloves. Since we want to give your friend a proper orientation beforehand, please give your front desk staff 24 hours notice. Read the full article about Buddy Month. […]