Easton Training Center: A Home

Easton Training Center is not just an academy, it’s a home. It’s a place where people go, on the good days, and bad, to be together doing something they love. In my personal life, I don’t really have a good sense of community, so I rely heavily on the Easton community for support and they have never let me down. But this week was special. Professor Eliot Marshall came to Arvada to guest instruct our no gi class. There was a very powerful energy at the academy that night. Professor Eliot told inspirational stories of how Jiu Jitsu saved not only his life, but the lives of others.

After class, he asked if anyone had any questions for him. A man asked, “How do you deal with anxiety?” Professor Eliot then told stories about his own struggles with anxiety. He told us to say hello to it,  acknowledge it and let it know that it won’t control your day. He then asked the man if he had anything in his life that didn’t make him anxious and the man said that he hadn’t found anything yet.

Tears were shed by many. Students raised hands and offered their own tactics, their own advice, their own secrets to overcoming anxiety. Soon the man didn’t feel as alone. I didn’t feel as alone. We were all together in that room, sweaty and gross, crying yet happy at the same time.

Easton is my family. Jiu Jitsu is my life. I feel so fortunate to have both intertwined so beautifully. When I say I work at home, I don’t mean I work at my house, I mean I work at Easton Training Center.

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