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June 4, 2012

Move of the Week for 6/4 – Armbar and Headlock Escapes

Amal Easton

Move of the Week for 6/4 – Armbar and Headlock Escapes

Move of the Week for 6/4 – This week, Professor Easton shows us a solid series of techniques that include a double leg mid-level takedown, an armbar and several ways to escape the headlock.


Stand up – Double Leg Mid-level

Professor Easton demonstrates the proper way to do a basic mid-level double-leg take down.As he says, it’s important that you get in close enough to push your opponent back as you perform the move. It puts your opponent off balance and makes the move much easier

Ground – Armbar

Here professor Easton demonstrates the basic armbar and triangle. While not an incredibly difficult series of moves, they are highly effective when you have the opportunity to pull them off. Notice how Professor Easton locks his legs together for the triangle. The better you set them around your opponent, the less likely he’ll be able to escape.


Stand up – Head Lock Escape 1-5

In this video, Professor Easton demonstrates escaping the headlock. One of the first things you want to remember to do when someone gets you in a headlock is answer the phone. In other words, get your hand up to your ear. Also, make sure you keep the pressure up with your other arm on his neck. It gives you more control, makes things more awkward for your opponent, and puts that hand in good position for the rest of the technique.

Ground Standing Headlock Escape

Professor Easton shows the proper way to escape a headlock while standing. This is a pretty fluid series of movements, so you want to practice the drills Professor Easton shows here. Once you get your opponent to the ground, you’re left in brilliant positioning with this technique.

Every week, we post our jiu jitsu technique videos that demonstrate the maneuver and skills you would learn while studying jiu jitsu at Easton BJJ. If you would like to learn jiu jitsu in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Denver or any of our other locations, contact us today.


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