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July 2, 2012

Move of the Week for 7/2 – Escaping the Mount and Knee on Belly

Amal Easton

Move of the Week for 7/2 – Escaping the Mount and Knee on Belly

Move of the Week for 7/2 – This weeks jiu jitsu video regimen covers a lot of great moves. Professor Easton demonstrates escaping the mount, some excellent striking technique, and everything you want to know about knee on belly.


Stand-up: Jab and Cross with Footwork

The power in a strike comes from the body, not the arm. As you watch Professor Easton demonstrate the strikes, notice how on every one his hips moves. The only strike where he isn’t turning his foot is the jab, but even then, you’ll see he extends his shoulder to put more power into it. When you put your whole body into a strike, it’s that much more powerful.

Ground: Basic Buck and Roll and Knee-Elbow

The buck and roll and the knee to elbow are two different ways to escape mount. The buck and roll doesn’t always work, so the knee to elbow is a great follow up because it’s pretty reliable. However, the buck and roll leaves you in much better position (opponents guard vs. your half guard) so that’s the first move you want to make when someone has mount. As Professor Easton mentions, you’ll not have a lot of time when someone gets the mount on you, so drilling this maneuver until it’s automatic is a good idea.


Ground: Knee on Stomach; Armbar (Opposite and Same Side)



The knee to stomach is one of the most effective techniques you can learn. It’s uncomfortable for your opponent, and can make your life a lot easier. It’s key that you plant it in the right spot, however. You know you got it right when you have a good base. Your opponents sudden lack of breath is another tip off.

Every week, we post our jiu jitsu technique videos that demonstrate the maneuver and skills you would learn while studying jiu jitsu at Easton BJJ. If you would like to learn jiu jitsu in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Denver or any of our other locations, contact us today.


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