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April 14, 2011

Move of the Week for 4/18

Amal Easton

Move of the Week for 4/18

This is the Move of the Week for 4/18! This week Professor Easton brings us a great series of videos. The A&B escape is GREAT and it’s very easy to learn. Of course, mastering it is another matter. And the double leg takedown is very basic, but it’s fundamentals are shared across multiple moves, plus it opens up many opportunities.

Fundamentals Stand up:


No video

Fundamentals Ground:

A & B Escapes

Intermediate Stand up:

Double Legs


Intermediate Ground:

Frame Series


2 thoughts on “Move of the Week for 4/18”

  1. Coach Ian Mitchell’s class is always educational, technical and doesn’t stray from his opening theoretical speech. I can tell he really wants you to mentally be there! Thanks for your awesome evening class. Overall, thanks to all the coaches for the special style and diversity of their teaching skills! Keep up the great work Easton BJJ!!!

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