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September 26, 2011

Move Of The Week 9/26

Amal Easton

Move Of The Week 9/26

Move of the Week 9/26 – This week, Professor Easton demonstrates some really great moves, including escaping the knee on belly, which as we all know, is a particularly punishing affair.

Fundamentals Stand up:

Pummel and LBC

Fundamentals Ground:

Basic frame and pummel escapes from 100k-going to back or double

Intermediate Stand up:

Knees from plum (skip & barn),

Intermediate Ground:

Escape knee on belly

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1 thought on “Move Of The Week 9/26”

  1. How cool is Professor Easton? He is in Vegas and takes time out in some random hallway to demonstrate the move of the week. That’s dedication to teaching! Another reason I am a big fan!

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