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August 14, 2012

Move of the Week 8/14- Passing Half Guard F 19

Amal Easton

Move of the Week 8/14- Passing Half Guard F 19

Passing half guard-Fundamentals

Sometimes we either don’t pass the guard as cleanly as we would like, or the persons guard is so difficult to pass the best we can get is to advance to half guard. A good half guard for the guy on bottom can be almost as effective as full guard. Good positioning and control for the person on top can make half guard top feel like half mount. The first step is to get the person on bottom flat. The far side underhook combined with head control can keep the bottom guy there. If you advance slowly and with control it is fairly easy to free your trapped leg and advance to mount. Don’t get impatient or rush the position or you will find yourself back in

Passing Half Guard Intermediate

Passing the half guard-Intermediate

None of the principles of passing change between the two classes. In the Intermediate class we add the option of switching your base to pass. This technique makes your guard passing much more dynamic. However learning to use the base switch to pass involves learning how to stop the bridge from the bottom guy once you are facing his feet. Just like Professor Easton shows in the video, you must learn to recover your base and anticipate the bridge from the bottom person. Once you have added this technique to your arsenal you can play with going back and forth between the Fundamentals and Intermediate pass.


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