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October 16, 2012

Move of the Week 10/15 Armbar from guard and mid level doubles

Amal Easton

Move of the Week 10/15 Armbar from guard and mid level doubles

Fundamentals Stand up: Mid level Double

In order to execute a proper double leg you must first get past your partners hands and change your level. The classic double leg involves a level change that brings your knee to the ground. The mid level we are teaching here avoids that contact. Instead we clear the hands and change level just enough to get past your partners elbows. Once you are in on the single you need to bring your rear leg up to a position just lateral of your partner. This allows you to drive him the opposite direction. Remember to keep good posture through out the technique. When done correctly this technique requires little force, so if you feel your are straining to complete the move ask your teacher for assistance.

Fundamentals Ground: armbar from guard (technical and pendulum)

Learning to use your legs and hips as the primary movers, (instead of your arms), is one of the harder skills to learn in Jiu Jitsu. Both of these techniques are good examples of that. Most people try to manhandle their partners arms into correct position, then somehow rely on leg flexibility to finish the position. 85% of these two techniques can be done with out using your arms. Pay particular attention to the use of legs and hip positioning that your instructor will demonstrate in class. Try to mimic this movement when you practice with your partner, but using your arms as little as possible. The armbar attack works because both of my legs are stronger than your arm. Trying to overuse the arms negates this advantage. Take care to position your hips and legs in line with your partners arm. Then use your arms to secure your partners arm to your chest taking care to point the thumb away from you. When positioned correctly it takes very little pressure to get the tap.


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