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December 16, 2013

Focus of the Week – Footwork and Defense

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week – Footwork and Defense

Easton Academies | Muay Thai and BJJ

12.16.2013 – 12.22.2013


guard_ground_pound mt-attacks

Muay Thai – Footwork


  • Footwork – Not the most glamorous thing to think about, but by far the most important.  Having good footwork opens up everything in your Muay Thai game.  It sets up a solid offense so you can attack without being countered,a nd it is the most important part of your defense.  Good footwork allows you to escape you partner’s attacks and set up your own at the same time.  Check out the explosive and agile footwork of Roy Jones Jr.‘s to create utter chaos for his opponents.


  • Angles – Continuing with the ‘footwork’ theme, we will be looking at forcing angles of attack.  This will allow you to control the fight and take it where you want.  If you can master these techniques your partner won’t stand a chance.

BJJ – Defense


  • Mount Escape with Buck and Roll Focus – If you’ve ever been in a good mount you know how miserable it is.  You can’t move, you can;t breathe, and you can’t see; claustrophobia starts to set in.  Don’t let that happen to you.  This week we will be going over the most effective ways to escape this dominant position.


  • Punch Defense from Guard to Sweep and Back Take – Time to up your Self Defense skills for all the drunken holiday hooligans.  Learn how to defend punches from the bottom so you can effectively use your Jiu Jitsu skills.  We’ll counter your partner’s ground-and-pound by going to the back or sweeping.

Black Belt

  • Knee on Belly (Top) – Last week we looked at how to get out of this uncomfortable position, this week we’re looking at how to make your partner suffer (not too much though).  We will be going over how to maintain, and some sneaky attacks from this position.



  • Happy Holidays from all of the ETC staff!  We wish you the best of times as the year winds down and we move forward to 2014! Be festive, be merry, and spend time with your loved ones.  Also, don’t forget to stay consistent…don’t take the whole month of December off because you’re “too busy”.  Find time to focus on your fitness…you won’t regret it!
  • Congrats to the ETC Competitors that went to TX for the Naga World Championships this weekend!  They brought back lots of hardware, and two World Champions! Go ETC!



Most people have heard the quote saying “be the change you want to see in the world.” Well what change do you want?  New Years is almost upon us and those resolutions are floating around in your head.  What goal will you set your mind to and not let up until you achieve it?  Whatever it is…make it something worthwhile that you can be proud of!  Lets make 2014 the most productive year of our lives!  



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