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December 30, 2013

Focus of the Week – Defense and Mount

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week – Defense and Mount

Easton Academies | Muay Thai and BJJ

12.30.2013 – 1.5.2014


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Muay Thai – Defense


  • Defense – Getting hit is never fun, so this week we will be looking at using our footwork to lead our defense, and using parries and covers when we need to.  If you didn’t see last week’s post, go check out the videos.


  • Defense and Countering – Again, we will be continuing off last week’s technique, expanding on using our defense to setup our offense.

BJJ – Mount and Omoplatas


  • Blocking and Parrying to Hip Throw – Jiu Jitsu’s original purpose is for self defense.  This week we look at one of the most common defense situations.  What do you do if your partner throws a punch at you?  Learn how to defend strikes and take the fight to the ground to use your BJJ effectively.
  • Maintain Low Mount + Ezequiel and Americana – Mount is one of the most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu.  We will be focusing on how to effectively maintain this position, and a couple ways to finish as well.  To see just how dominant this position is, at the 2009 IBJJF World Championship, Roger Gracie, one of the legends of the sport, finished every single opponent he faced from mount.  Check out his suffocating mount control.


Black Belt

  • Mount Defense – Everybody knows the Buck and Roll and Knee to Elbow escapes, and those should be your bread and butter.  But what do you do when those don’t work.  It’s time to add the jam to that toast and get creative with you mount escapes.


  • Everyone should make sure to get in to check out the new ETC location in Boulder!  The finishing touches are being completed now, so don’t miss out!  Stop in as soon as you can and see what all the hard work has brought together!


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