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September 15, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 9/15/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 9/15/2014 )

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9.15.2014 – 9.21.2014


elbow over-under


Fundamentals – Headlocks

Headlocks are possibly the most common self defense scenario you’ll find yourself in. This week we’ll study how to deal with both the headlock from standing, and on the ground.

Intermediate – Guard Passing

  • Basic Double Leg Takedown – The powerhouse of take downs.
  • Over-Under Guard Pass – The Over-Under pass, when done correctly, is one of the most difficult passes to stop, and creates a dynamic passing sequence. However, if done incorrectly, you can end up on the bottom of mount. It’s all about balance!

Kickboxing – Elbows

Elbows are a powerful weapon used when fighting in close. This week we focus on three types of elbow strikes: horizontal, downward, and uppercut. Think of trying to cut the bag open with your elbow strike instead of smashing in to the bag! We learn look at elbow technique then integrate them in to the number system.
Fitness Challenge: 150 Squats

Muay Thai – Finishing Round Kicks

This week we focus on throwing powerful round kicks, then following up with other strikes. We will drill 3 calls on the pads this week: “kick return,” “kick plant,” and “kick follow.” Each of these are different follow ups depending on the situation presented after the round kick. Get your quality reps in this week and add these calls to your toolbox!

*** Easton Muay Thai Short ***
Our customized Easton Muay Thai shorts will be ordered this weekend. If you want to get a pair place your name on the sign up sheet at the front desk and leave $40 with the front desk staff.

Kids – Conflict Avoidance

Focus of the Month

We’ve talke bout the ABC of Conflict avoidance all month, and we’ve finally made it to C – Communicate Confidently. When discussing an issue with a mediator or the person you’re having a conflict with, it’s important to clearly state your point with authority. This tells the person you’re talking to that you mean business, and deserve their respect.



  • Little Tigers – Guard Passing takes the fight from an equal game, to one where you can dominate.
  • Tigers – Mount Escapes are the most useful defensive technique in any altercation. this week we’ll look at two ways to get somebody off from on top of us.
  • Advanced Tigers – This week we’ll study how to pass the Closed Guard and attack from the Mount.

Muay Thai


  • Many of our ETC coaches and students are competing in the near future at various Mixed Martial Arts events in the Metro area.  Make sure to be at these events as they are a great chance for you to get together with your ETC family for a great time and cheer our competitors on.  We hope to see you at an event soon!  Grab tickets from your favorite Coach, or check with the front desk.


Take no shortcuts when working toward the things you want.  There are no shortcuts when you want to do it right!  The time must be spent, and the knowledge must be gained.   Work as if there’s someone working 24 hrs/day to take it from you.

~ Mark Cuban 



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