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July 26, 2015

Focus of the Week (7/27/15)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (7/27/15)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

7.27.2015 – 8.2.2015


Fundamentals – Triangle Choke

  • Low Level Double Leg – It’s always important to have a takedown or two that you can rely on to get the fight to the ground. If Jiu-Jitsu is your bread and butter, you may want to ensure that you’re able to use it. The low double-leg is a great option for getting to the ground.
  • Triangle Choke – This is a great attack to utilize from the closed guard if we end up on our backs. There are certainly some details we need to learn to properly set these up so our partner can’t see them coming or can’t stop them even if they see it coming.

Intermediate –

  • Sprawl – Stopping the takedown can be as important as getting one! Sprawling in order to shut down your partner’s offense is usually the way to go. We will be working on our sprawls for the next two weeks.
  • Butterfly Guard – The butterfly guard is when we are seated with our knees up and our feet on the inside of our partners knees as they’re kneeling. This is a great position to be fluid in. It is great for no gi training and gi training alike! Come in for class this week and learn how to sweep in all four directions from here!

Kickboxing – Reloads and Weight Distribution Principles

This week we focus on a fundamental rule of striking: weight transfer. Any strike that is intended to have power must have the striker’s weight behind it first. We will focus on properly turning the body and shifting weight from one leg to the other to achieve proper power and mechanics in our strikes. We will then look at “reloading” our weight in order to throw the same side strike twice. Reloads are a good way to change the timing of our attacks and confuse our opponents! Focus on transferring your weight from leg to leg during your strikes in a combination and during your reloads and turns this week!

Fitness Challenge: High Knees and Russian Twists

Muay Thai – Evasive Defense Techniques

This week we focus on defensive tactics that allow us to evade without making contact with strikes. Unlike blocking and intercepting, evading will require footwork, head movement, and timing to avoid the strikes altogether. We will then look at various counters off our evasions, whether we are defending against punches or kicks. The best defense is when we can make our opponent miss and we take no damage, then we counter and make them pay!

Kids – Body Over Emotion

This week we’ll talk about controlling our bodies even when our emotions are high.


  • Little Tigers – We’re working on the closed guard this week, playing a game called Guard Monster.
  • Tigers – We’ll look at the snap down, pulling into guard. Then we’ll practice defending a choke from behind.
  • Advanced Tigers – This week the advanced group is looking at a side clinch single leg takedown.

Muay Thai

We’re looking at reloading our punches this week, focusing on weight distribution.


  • ETC will be hosting a Kickboxing/Muay Thai smoker in the coming weeks. Be sure and check with the front desk or your striking instructors to get the low down on everything!


When you really pay attention, everything is your teacher. ~ Ezra Bayda



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