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June 10, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 6/9/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 6/9/2014 )

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6.09.2014 – 6.15.2014


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Fundamentals – Guard Sweeps

Intermediate – Attacking Side Control

  • Arm Drag to Double Leg – Now that everybody is familiar with the basic double leg, we’re going to look at one of the most successful ways to set it up.
  • Armbar From Side Control – One of the most dominant Side Control attacks you’ll ever learn.

Kickboxing – Round Kicks

Round kicks are one of the most powerful tools in your striking arsenal. This week we will spend time looking in detail at the mechanics of the round kick and learn how to use our body efficiently for maximum power. Remember: slow is smooth and smooth is fast! 

Fitness Challenge: Push Ups

Muay Thai – Rolling, Blocking, and Pulling

In Muay Thai, there are 3 zones of contact: inside, in range, and outside. We will look at three ways to counter round punches when we find ourselves in these different zones. After we defend, we will add the counter. Offense, defense, counter…the natural rhythm of the fight! 

CrossFit – It’s Always Something Else

In CrossFit, every movement is harder than it looks because of the “something else.” In an overhead squat, its not the squat, its the wrists. In the pull ups its not the pull, its the grip.
We say it all the time, “that would have been easy if it weren’t for the burpees.” Or “I could have done one more rep if ….”
We all feel this way. In every workout. With every movement. CrossFit is designed that way. The best fun and brainy thing about CrossFit is learning how to move around the bar, and where to place your weight in gymnastics. The majority of us CAN do the daily task, but thats not what matters.
All the time we need to slow down, work on our form and leave our pride behind. CrossFit is not about what you can do, but how well you can do it. See you at practice.

Kids – Self Defense

Focus of the Month

This week we are discussing what to do if a bully doesn’t stop when you ask them to.  After we’ve directly addressed the bully, the next step is to tell somebody who can mediate the situation.  We never know if this whole situation was caused by a small misunderstanding or hurt feelings that were never resolved, and a mediator is just the thing to bring those issues to light.



  • Little Tigers – This week we study Boxing.  As great a BJJ is, it’s not an all inclusive martial art.  To be the best you need to know as much as possible, so this week we study some basic punching technique.  This prepares us to defend ourselves from the feet if necessary, and also builds our hand-eye coordination.
  • Tigers – This week we are studying Guard Passing and Headlock Escapes.  The Headlock is the stereotypical ‘Bullying position’, and sticking with our theme of Bullying and Self Defense, we will look at how to escape this position.  We also study some basic Guard Passing techniques, looking at how to get around our partners legs to secure a more dominant position.
  • Advanced Tigers – Guard Passing and Headlock Escape.  This week we review Headlock Escapes, and study some advanced Guard Passing techniques that give us ultimate control over our partner.

Muay Thai

Punches with Kicks – We’ve covered the 3 basic punching types: Straight punches, Hooks, and Upper Cuts; and the 2 types of kicks: Round kicks and Teeps.  Now it’s time to put them together.  This requires focus and balance, but becomes the building blocks for an effective striking game.


  • Congratulations to Coach Brian Carlsen from ETC Boulder!  He traveled to California this past weekend to compete in the Dream Submission Only Brown Belt Challenge and won his division and a $1000 check!  Awesome job coach, way to represent!!
  • Summer Camps have a few spots left so make sure to get in on the fun while there is still time!  Check with the front desk to make sure your child doesn’t miss out!


You might not be where you want to be… perhaps you’re not even where you’re supposed to be, but in the end you should thank your lucky stars that you aren’t where you used to be!  Keep on truckin’ in the right direction and eventually you’ll get to where you need to be.



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