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June 2, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 6/2/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 6/2/2014 )

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6.02.2014 – 6.08.2014


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BJJ – Closed Guard

Fundamentals – Guard Attacks

  • Defending The Rear Bear Hug – You’re hanging out with your friends, and somebody comes up from behind and grabs you.  This is one of the most common self defense situations you’ll encounter, and this week we’re going to learn how to beat it.
  • Shin Strip Triangle + Armbar – The closed Guard is the most common and fundamental Jiu Jitsu position there is.  This week we’ll look at some super effective, super sneaky attacks.

Intermediate – Guard Passing

  • Mid-Level Double Leg Takedown – The most powerful take down in a wrestlers arsenal, this week we’ll be learning how to setup our Double Legs.
  • Standing To Pass – This is where all the fun happens, and the battle is won or lost.  When you begin to fight upper belts you need to pass from your feet, and this week we’ll be looking at just how to do it.

Kickboxing – Defense

This week we will focus on the basic hand combinations in kickboxing. Learning to call hand combinations and hit combinations is important to working with partners, so we will also focus on holding for these combos properly. Holding for combos allows you to feel the rhythm of the  combination while watching someone else throw it. This in turn will help you throw your combinations better!

Fitness Challenge: 100 Squats / class

Muay Thai – Teep Kicks

Push kicks, or ‘teeps’, are a great offensive and defensive tool in Muay Thai. They can allow you to keep distance between you and your opponent or they can be used to set up other attacks in your arsenal. This week we will be looking at teep offensive and defense, as well as how to defend against a good teep!

CrossFit – Cherry picking

Cherry picking is “the act of picking the workouts you think will be best for you.”

Athletes decide for themselves which posted WODs they want to do, and which ones they want to skip. Cherry picking is as bad for your fitness as ignoring the Clean Diet. Workouts often appear much different on the board than they really are, and even worse, we miss key adaptations when we pick and choose our own workouts.

So, ignore the board. Fix your diet and get the fittest.

Kids – Self Defense

Focus of the Month

This week we are discussing what to do if a bully doesn’t stop when you ask them to.  After we’ve directly addressed the bully, the next step is to tell somebody who can mediate the situation.  We never know if this whole situation was caused by a small misunderstanding or hurt feelings that were never resolved, and a mediator is just the thing to bring those issues to light.



  • Little Tigers – This week we study Boxing.  As great a BJJ is, it’s not an all inclusive martial art.  To be the best you need to know as much as possible, so this week we study some basic punching technique.  This prepares us to defend ourselves from the feet if necessary, and also builds our hand-eye coordination.
  • Tigers – This week we are studying Guard Passing and Headlock Escapes.  The Headlock is the stereotypical ‘Bullying position’, and sticking with our theme of Bullying and Self Defense, we will look at how to escape this position.  We also study some basic Guard Passing techniques, looking at how to get around our partners legs to secure a more dominant position.
  • Advanced Tigers – Guard Passing and Headlock Escape.  This week we review Headlock Escapes, and study some advanced Guard Passing techniques that give us ultimate control over our partner.

Muay Thai

Punches with Kicks – We’ve covered the 3 basic punching types: Straight punches, Hooks, and Upper Cuts; and the 2 types of kicks: Round kicks and Teeps.  Now it’s time to put them together.  This requires focus and balance, but becomes the building blocks for an effective striking game.


  • Summer Camps are filling fast!  Make sure that you lock in a spot for your favorite kid(s)!  These camps are going to be filled with fun and excitement!!
  • Congrats to all the competitors that went out and fought at the World Championships, everybody put on a great show!  John Combs took 3rd at Purple belt Middle weight!
  • Easton won the Fight to Win Colorado State Championships for a fourth straight year!


Listen to your inner voice and let it guide you.  Do this instead of letting everyone else pilot your ship.  They don’t know your destination and only you know what will make you happy.  Follow that inner voice to happiness…you usually won’t lead yourself astray!



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