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June 16, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 6/16/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 6/16/2014 )

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6.16.2014 – 6.22.2014


esgrima __knee movements


Fundamentals – Half Guard

  • Grip Strips – Who ever can dominate grips is going to win the fight.  This week we’ll focus on how to get rid of those pesky grips.
  • Half Guard Passing – This week we’ll be studying how to pass this tricky guard.

Intermediate – Side Control

  • Arm Drag Basic to Double Leg – One of the most effective set ups for the Double Leg, we’re going to look at how the Arm Drag leads right into our take down.
  • Armbar from Side Control – This week we’ll continue to study how to attack our partner’s far arm in Side Control.

Kickboxing – Knees

Knees are a very powerful tool if thrown properly. This week we will look at the proper technique and timing of a knee to develop maximum power! We will work knees into the number system to combine hand combinations ending in a powerful knee.
Fitness Challenge: Lunges!

Muay Thai – Round Kick Combos

This week we look at continuing combinations after throwing a round kick. Depending on the opponents range and movement, we will need to follow up with specific techniques. We will look at 3 calls to use: kick return, kick plant, and kick follow. Rep these out! 

CrossFit – Constantly Varied Motion

Doing very different, constantly varied reps and time cut offs helps with your brain function and motor skills. Have you ever watched a toddler squat? It’s perfect. Have you ever watched kids play during recess without taking a break. When did we lose that ability? The moment we stopped learning new and uncomfortable movements. I don’t know about you, but I want to be independent until the day I die. Don’t get stuck in a mentality that fitness is a 5k, or an hour long class. It’s not, that’s routine.

Come get ready for the unknowable.

Kids – Manners

Focus of the Month

This month we’ll be learning what good manners are, why they matter, and how to use them.  We’re starting off with how to be a good, and effective, listener.



  • Little Tigers – This week we’ll be learning how to move from the Mount to the Back.
  • Tigers – This week we’ll be learning Guard Attacks and Side Control escapes, teaching us how to stay safe and fight off our back.
  • Advanced Tigers – We’ll be learning the High Guard this week, one of the most effective, technical Guard positions.

Muay Thai

This week we’re studying how to blend our Body Shots in with the rest of our Combos.


  • Coach Peter Straub and Jake Chatham will both be fighting on the upcoming Sparta Card on July 18th!  Be sure to get with these two soon to grab some tickets!  They have both been preparing diligently and will be looking to make a statement…you don’t want to miss a great night of fights like these!
  • Summer Camps have a few spots left so make sure to get in on the fun while there is still time!  Check with the front desk to make sure your child doesn’t miss out!


If things around you don’t change, don’t be silly…change the things you’re around!  You owe it to yourself to not sit still waiting for things to go your way. Get up and make it happen…nobody loves you like you, so get up, get out, and get something!



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