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May 31, 2015

Focus of the Week (6/1/15)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (6/1/15)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

5.32.2015 – 6.7.2015


Fundamentals – Headlock Defense

  • Standing Headlock Punch Defense – Getting punched in the face while in a headlock is a dangerous place to be. In a self-defense situation we need to know how to keep from eating too many punches, and how to get ourselves to a safer position.
  • Escape Headlock – From the bottom of a headlock we’ll look at three possible ways to escape. Sometimes we can use a simple pendulum swing. Or we can hook the leg to gain control, and either push or pull them over, setting up a possible armbar.

Intermediate – Attacking the Leg/Foot

  • Basic Arm Drag – We’ll look at using the arm drag to close the distance between ourselves and our partners, setting up an opportunity to take them down. We’ll also look at what to do if we miss the arm, using the space our partner creates to go for a double-leg.
  • Foot Lock, Ankle Lock, and Kneebar – This week we’re practicing a couple of ways to attack the leg. We’ll start with the basic foot lock, and then move into the straight kneebar and straight ankle lock.

Kickboxing – Reload Series

This week we focus on learning to use our bodies properly to put weight behind our punches. Punching power comes from turning your hips and shoulders while shifting your weight from leg to leg! With the “reload series,” we will work on throwing a punch, “reloading” our weight, then throwing the same punch again with power. Focus this week on bringing your weight with you on all your punches and not just punching with the arms!

Fitness Challenge: Jump Squats and Plank to Push-Up

Muay Thai – Kick Defense

This week we focus on leg kick defense and round kick defense. There are a variety of ways to defend and counter the kicks in Thai Boxing, so we will explore the different defenses for different scenarios. Some defenses are more appropriate than others based on the rules, the opponent, as well as your own style. The main theme with kick defense is to never let your opponent kick you without making them pay for it!

Kids – Mind Over Emotion

We’re starting our Good Self-Control block with a discussion of Mind Over Emotion. We’ll talk about why letting your emotions get out of control can get you into trouble. We’ll also talk about how we can use our control of negative emotions to produce positive results.


  • Little Tigers – The Little Tigers are working on takedowns and taking the back this week. We’ll be working tackles into combinations, teaching them to follow up a takedown by taking a dominant position.
  • Tigers – We’re going to practice the armbar this week, looking at setting it up from the guard.
  • Advanced Tigers – The advanced group will be practicing the belly-out side control escape, using it to set up a single leg attack.

Muay Thai

We’re continuing to work on our straight knees and round kicks this week. We’ll also have special guest appearances by a few of Easton’s Muay Thai fighters this week! Get ready for some awesome demonstrations!


  • Rolles Gracie Seminars are right around the corner, and the registration is available on the Easton website. Check it out and get signed up now before they’re all sold out! Dates available in Boulder, Denver, and Centennial. Check with the front desk or go to to find more details.
    Coach Jarred’s fight is this weekend! Get in and grab a ticket before it’s too late! There will be a ton of ETC family in the building, so join us there to watch coach do what he’s been preparing to do this whole camp! See you there!


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