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May 27, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 5/26/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 5/26/2014 )

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5.26.2014 – 6.01.2014


back-mount boxing

BJJ – Back Attacks


  • Ippon Seonage Hip Throw – This week we stick with this powerful technique, studying how to throw our partner over our hips.
  • Back Attacks – The most dominant position in BJJ is the Back, and this week we get to study how to maintain and finih from this position, leaving our partner no escape route.


  • Mid-Level Double Leg Takedown – One of the classic wrestling take downs, we’ll study how to setup and finish this ubiquitous technique.
  • Guard Passing – This week we’ll take a look at how to pass the Guard form standing.  The further you progress into your BJJ game, the more you’ll find yourself here, so get comfortable and make yourself at home in the dynamic position.

Kickboxing – Creating Combos

Muay Thai – Kick Defense

  • Kicks are a powerful strike in Thai Boxing, so this week we will focus on defending and countering kicks. A tight kick defense keeps us safe and allows us to counter strike!

CrossFit –

Kids – Self Defense

Focus of the Month

  • This week we talk about the second step in self defense: Tell.  After you’ve talked to a bully and it doesn’t help, what do you do next?  Go tell somebody who can moderate the situation for you.  Many arguments are escalated because the two parties are speaking different languages, or get heated in the moment.  Having a moderator solves both these problems.  They act as a buffer between the arguing parties, keeping emotions calm, and can translate for the parties so each can see the other’s point of view.



  • Little Tigers – This week we study Boxing.  As great a BJJ is, it’s not an all inclusive martial art.  To be the best you need to know as much as possible, so this week we study some basic punching technique.  This prepares us to defend ourselves from the feet if necessary, and also builds our hand-eye coordination.
  • Tigers – This week we are studying Guard Passing and Headlock Escapes.  The Headlock is the stereotypical ‘Bullying position’, and sticking with our theme of Bullying and Self Defense, we will look at how to escape this position.  We also study some basic Guard Passing techniques, looking at how to get around our partners legs to secure a more dominant position.
  • Advanced Tigers – Guard Passing and Headlock Escape.  This week we review Headlock Escapes, and study some advanced Guard Passing techniques that give us ultimate control over our partner.

Muay Thai

  • Hooks and Upper Cuts – These are often the most difficult punches to master because of subtleties in the technique.  To get good requires lots of focused practice.


  • ETC has some great camps planned for this summer!  Check with your front desk to find out details about the sweet camp opportunity for the young ones in your lives!  These camps are always a great time so reserve your child a spot today to make sure that they’ll be a part of it!
  • Congratulations to all of the ETC competitors that put it on the line at the F2W 2014 State Championships!  It was a great turnout for us, and we brought home a ton of hardware!  Thank you to all of you that showed up to represent, and for everyone at the academies for helping get everyone prepared!  


Some times we create our own unhappiness by failing to say the word, “no”.  Protect yourself and your space so that you can remain happy!  Don’t be afraid to say “no”.  It could make all the difference!



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