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May 12, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 5/12/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 5/12/2014 )

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5.12.2014 – 5.18.2014


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BJJ – Attacking the Mount


  • Mount – ‘Position before submission’ is a common phrase you’ll hear around a BJJ academy.  It means that you need to worry about controlling the position you’re in before advancing your position or going for a submission.  This week we’ll look at how this applies to Mount.  We’ll look at how to control, attack, and advance to the back.


  • Front And Rear Sweep – Once our partner stands in Closed Guard we don’t want them to set up any passes.  The Front, a.k.a. Balloon, and Rear Sweeps are two of the highest percentage sweeps from this standing Closed Guard position, especially if you partner’s posture is broken or exaggerated backwards.

Kickboxing – Front Kicks

  • Front kicks are a powerful defensive and offensive tool. We can use them to keep distance or to initiate an attack. We will develop proper front kick technique this week to make these a strong tool!

Muay Thai – Round Kicks

  • Round kicks are the basis of Muay Thai. Having a strong round kick opens up a variety of other options and can deal serious damage to your opponent. Let’s focus on perfecting our round kick technique this week!

CrossFit – Shoes

  • Every sport has a uniform that aids in safety and the ability to preform. CrossFit Olympic weightlifting shoes provide a stable platform to allow you to safely get into the required positions. They have a stiff, flat contact sole with a slight lift in the for squats. The stability is noticeable, and yes, its worth it even if you are not an avid lifter. Don’t want an Olympic weightlifting shoe? Get a flat, non-cushioned shoe or go barefoot and leave your cushioned running shoes at home!

Kids – Self Defense

Focus of the Month

  • The most common misconception of Self Defense is that it starts when somebody throws a punch.  Why let it ever get that far? This week we’ll be talking about how to avoid physical conflict all together using the Talk – Tell – Tackle technique. The first thing to do is talk to the person confronting you. Try to understand what the problem is and if it can be resolved. If the situation can’t be resolved, then it’s time to tell and adult so they can moderate the situation. Only after both these preliminary steps have been exhausted can we use our grappling technique. We will tackle our partner to the ground, keeping both ourselves and our bully safe, while showing that we have the confidence to protect ourselves if necessary.



  • Little Tigers – Being able to run behind somebody and control their back requires balance and agility, which is exactly what we’ll be focusing on this week.
  • Tigers – Guard Sweeps are paramount not only for developing a good BJJ game, but for self defense.  They allow you to get off your back and away away form an opponent safely.  We are also studying Headlock Escapes, which is one of the most common bullying situations.  We will learn how to safely escape a headlock, and take our partner to the ground so we can effectively use our BJJ.
  • Advanced Tigers – Open Guard Attacks are one of the most diverse areas of study in BJJ.  There is an incredibly variety of ways to get your partner from on their feet to on their back or tapping out.  this week we’ll look at a blend of how sweeps and attacks work together form Open Guard to create a game where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Playing this game requires incredible dexterity and core strength.

Muay Thai

  • Round and Teep Kicks – Kicks are the most powerful technique in Muay Thai, however, to get good at them take patience.  You need to hone balance, coordination, and timing, so the kick is as powerful as it can be.


  • Coaches Brian and James will continue their competition run this month.  Both will be competing at the IBJJF World Championships at the end of this month, and have also been invited to a Submission Only tournament by Dream BJJ.
  •  The IBJJF World Championships are only 3 weeks away, and the Fight To Win Colorado State Championships are in 2 week.. Train hard and stay safe.  Good luck to all of  those competing.


Be your own biggest supporter!  No one will love you more than yourself, so don’t expect them too.  It’s not that people don’t care, it’s just that they’re too busy trying to deal with their own issues and problems.  If you rely on others to always pick you up when you’re down, you may find yourself stuck on the ground without a hand up!  Build your inner strength so you can pick YOURSELF up!



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