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April 28, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 4/28/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 4/28/2014 )

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4.28.2014 – 5.04.2014


lovato-kimura Muhammad Ali- footwork group_row

BJJ – Attacking form Dominant Positions


  • Stop Hands to Low Back Clinch – Nobody wants to get hit, and you have two options to make it happen.  Either outside of your opponents reach or so close that they can’t get any power behind their punch.  This week we’ll look at how to close the distance to prevent getting hit.
  • Triple Attack From Side Control – Americana, Kimura, Reverse Arm Lock – So you passed your partner’s guard, now what?  Attack!  This week we’ll study three ways to attack our opponent’s far arm form Side Control.


  • Mid-Level Single Leg Take Down – Sticking with the single leg this week, we’ll start to refine our technique.
  • Back Attacks – Once you get to your partner’s back, there should be no escape except with a tap.  This week we’ll look at how to finish our partner while on their back with a few chokes and a slick armbar.

Black Belt

  • Knee On Stomach Bottom – Time to get fancy.  You’ve all seen this position for a while, so now we’re gonna get to the good stuff.

Muay Thai – Footwork



Kickboxing – Creative Combinations

  • This week we will look at putting all of our tools together, so we can see the big picture. Punches, kicks, elbows and knees will be used to create successful combinations. It is important to know how to link your attacks together!  Having trouble thinking of combos? Get started with our Basic Numbered Combos.

CrossFit – Rowing

  • Rowing is one of the CrossFit mono-movements, along with running, biking, jump roping, biking and swimming that we use to elicit a certain response during our workouts. These movements are repetitive and we used as an opportunity to perfect our technique with each rep. Come hone in your Rowing skill!

Kids – Self Respect

Focus of the Month

  • Self Respect means you are proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished, but becoming what you want isn’t easy.  Self Respect doesn’t operate in a vacuum.  It requires discipline and persistence to accompany it, so you can achieve your goals.



  • Little Tigers – Being able to run behind somebody and control their back requires balance and agility, which is exactly what we’ll be focusing on this week.
  • Tigers – Guard Sweeps are paramount not only for developing a good BJJ game, but for self defense.  They allow you to get off your back and away away form an opponent safely.  We are also studying Headlock Escapes, which is one of the most common bullying situations.  We will learn how to safely escape a headlock, and take our partner to the ground so we can effectively use our BJJ.
  • Advanced Tigers – Open Guard Attacks are one of the most diverse areas of study in BJJ.  There is an incredibly variety of ways to get your partner from on their feet to on their back or tapping out.  this week we’ll look at a blend of how sweeps and attacks work together form Open Guard to create a game where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Playing this game requires incredible dexterity and core strength.

Muay Thai

  • Straight Punches – Straight punches are the foundation of any solid striking game.  This week we’ll be focusing on proper technique, as well as coordinating our hands and feet.


  • Congratulations to Coach Strater-Smith and Coach Carlsen from Boulder for bringing home the gold at this past weekend’s IBJJF tourney in Boca Raton!  These two have been on a tear and will be competing this coming weekend in Las Vegas as well.  Great job and good luck coaches!!!


If it took you three years to get out of shape, you can’t expect to get back into shape in three months.  Be realistic about your goals and understand that it is a marathon, not a sprint.  The changes you are looking to make should be life changes…this takes time.  More steps forward than steps backwards is a great place to start, from there you’ll start to gain momentum and the rest will be easy!  Now get going!!



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