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April 14, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 4/14/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 4/14/2014 )

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4.14.2014 – 4.20.2014


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BJJ – Guard Passing


  • Single Leg Takedown – This one is easy to learn, but hard to master.  Make sure you put in your time this week to learn this foundational wrestling technique.
  • Guard Pass From Knees – You have to crawl before you can walk.  This week we will study how to pass the Guard form your knees.  Although you’ll see most people passing form their feet, passing form the knees plays an important roll when trying to take away space form your partner.


  • Headlock Defense Standing – Possibly the most stereotypical self defense situation is somebody coming up and grabbing your head.  This week we’ll learn how to escape the Headlock, and take our partner’s to the mat safely so we can start to work our BJJ magic.
  • Headlock Escapes On The Ground – Grabbing a Headlock is a terrible idea.  Want to know why?  You’ll have to come to class to find out!

Black Belt

  • Knee On Stomach – We’ll continue to focus on this subtle position.

Muay Thai – Leg Kicks


  • You’ve seen Leg Kicks in Kickboxing, now it’s time to mix them in with our footwork and punches.  This week we’ll focus on how to blend our kicks in with the rest of our attacks, as well as how to defend them.


  • It’s time to get a little more realistic.  Now, that you have the Leg kick technique down solid we will mix in some more advanced combos, including multiple kicks in a row, as well as work on our reactions for defending these powerful techniques.

Kickboxing – Kicks

  • It’;s time to work out your legs.  Kicks are the most powerful technique in Kickboxing, not only beause they are the strongest part of your body, but because you can get your whole body weight behind them.  This week we will look at 2 types of kicks: the Teep and the Round.  The Teep kick is your leg’s equivalent to a jab, you push straight our and straight back. the Round kick is aptly named, it is the equivalent of a hook, coming from the side.  Check out some Kicking basics with coaches Sean and Steve.

Round Kick | Teep Kick

CrossFit – Power Clean

  • The power clean is a variation of one of the two Olympic lifts. We use the power clean to build strength, coordination and power. The power clean has four parts and we will break them down for you after we build a good foundation with our medicine ball clean. Then we will introduce the deadlift and and the press before we take a bar from the ground to the shoulders and then overhead.  Learn each of these 4 parts of the Power Clean with Coach Georgia.

Kids – Self Respect

Focus of the Month

  • Self Respect (n.) – Proper esteem or regard for the dignity of one’s character.
  • To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves – there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.
    – Joan Didion



  • Little Tigers – Being able to run behind somebody and control their back requires balance and agility, which is exactly what we’ll be focusing on this week.
  • Tigers – Guard Sweeps are paramount not only for developing a good BJJ game, but for self defense.  They allow you to get off your back and away away form an opponent safely.  We are also studying Headlock Escapes, which is one of the most common bullying situations.  We will learn how to safely escape a headlock, and take our partner to the ground so we can effectively use our BJJ.
  • Advanced Tigers – Open Guard Attacks are one of the most diverse areas of study in BJJ.  There is an incredibly variety of ways to get your partner from on their feet to on their back or tapping out.  this week we’ll look at a blend of how sweeps and attacks work together form Open Guard to create a game where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Playing this game requires incredible dexterity and core strength.

Muay Thai

  • Body Combos – We’ll be mastering the finer points of body attacks this week.  Learning how to stay protected as we change levels.


  • Congratulations to all ETC Muay Thai Competitors that fought this past weekend at the State Championships.  We won the Team Trophy for this event in dominatiing fashion!  Thanks again to all the competitors and coaches for making it happen and keeping ETC on top!
  • Girls in Gi’s will be held on April 27th From 12pm to 3pm at the Littleton/Highlands Ranch ETC.  All women and girls are invited regardless of whether they train or not.  Please check with the front desk for more information.  


Believe that the path you’ve chosen is the right one.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be and even if it doesn’t feel like it all the time, you’ll get to where you are going.  You just have to have faith!  Faith isn’t enough though…you must put action to your plan.  With action and faith, you are sure to succeed!



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