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February 16, 2014

Focus of the Week (2/17/2014)

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week (2/17/2014)

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BJJ | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kickboxing | Kids

2.17.2014 – 2.23.2014


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BJJ – Guard


  • Mid Level Single Leg Takedown – This week we will look how to take our partner down if they are in a “Mirrored Stance.”
  • Basic Guard Pass From Knees – You have to crawl before you walk.  Although most of your passing game will be on your feet, this week we will build that foundation by studying how to pass from the knees.  Once you understand the passes from the knees, transferring them to standing is an easy transition.  Check out Guilherme Mendes, on of the most amazing BJJ players of all time.


Black Belt

  • Guard Top – Last week we looked at the bottom of Guard.  This week we will look at how to pass the guards we studied last week.  Check out our good friend Rodolfo Viera for some Pressure Passing ideas.

Muay Thai – Attacking at Angles


  • Basic Angles – This week we will be focusing on how to create an angle then use it to attack.  This is one of the most important skills to have in Muay thai because it allows you to attack your partner while they can’t attack you.  Because of his short stature, Mike Tyson had to figure out a way to close the distance between him and his taller opponents.  Tyson used angles to close that distance and became one of the best fighters at attacking off angles.  Check out how he gets inside his partner’s range.


Kickboxing – Teep Kicks

  • Teep kicks are very technical movements with lots of variations.  This week we will be learning the basics of these incredibly useful kicks.  Check out what you’ll be learning this week with Coach Sean Madden.

CrossFit – Cues

  • No two people learn in exactly the same way.  Because of this CrossFit instructors need to come up with some creative ways to explain some of the movements.  Here are some of the weirdest.

Kids – Back and Mount Attacks

Focus of the Month

  • Gratitude – It is easy to forget how lucky we are just to have the basic necessities of life.  Take a minute every day to remember all the great opportunities we are able to pursue because obtaining food, water, shelter, and security are so easy for us.
  • Self Discipline Sheet – Remember to have your children fill out their Self Discipline sheets



  • Little Tigers – This week we will be playing Crazy Legs.  This game will help your child with their balance and agility.
  • Tigers – This week we will focus on the Front Headlock to the Back Take.  We will then continue our sequence studying Back Attacks.  Understanding this sequence will teach your child balance and angles, as well as how to transition from one move to another.
  • Advanced Tigers – We will be looking at the Front Headlock to the Back Take and Back Attacks with the tigers class.  We will then study Mount Attacks.

Muay Thai

  • Straight Punches – This week we are taking it back to the basics and reviewing straight punches.


  • Coach Peter Straub is selling tickets for his upcoming fight, so be sure to get tickets from him or the front desk at ETC.  This fight will be for a championship belt, so be sure and support!  Bring that strap home coach!
  • Good luck to all of the ETC Kids Competitors that are heading out to Los Angeles this weekend for the Kids Pans 2014.  They have all been training hard and look to repeat last year’s success!  This is the largest group of ETC kids going out to date!  Lets keep it rolling!


Hating on others is really pointless.  It doesn’t do anything to improve your lot.  You won’t run faster, jump higher, or have a better job because you hate on the next person.  Don’t waste your time…focus on things that will bring you to your full potential.  Then you will reach your goals and be much happier when you get there too!  



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