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January 26, 2014

Focus of the Week (1/27/2014)

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week (1/27/2014)

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1.27.2014 – 2.02.2014


hip-bump teep pullup

BJJ – Guard


  • Front Bear Hug Defense – Another very common self defense situation: A big guy comes and hugs you so tight you can’t move.  Learn how to deal with this scary situation and neutralize an aggressive attacker.
  • Fan Sweep + Kimura and Guillotine – What do you do from the Bottom of Closed Guard if y0u can’t break your partner’s posture?  The Fan Sweep, aka the Hip Bump Sweep, is the answer.   This week we will learn how to deal with a guard passer that keeps their posture committed a little too far back.


  • Basic Double Leg Takedown – One of the most powerful takedowns in a wrestler’s repertoire is the Double Leg.  It’s a great way to take your partner down from both an inside and outside range.  Check out the master Jordan Burroughs.
  • Amassa Pao Armbar And Sweep – One of the most frustrating situations in BJJ is getting choked out on the bottom of Closed Guard.  Learn how to deal with the Amassa Pao, or “Kneading Bread”, choke by changing the script and turning it into an armbar or sweep for yourself.

Black Belt

  • Side Control Defense – Side Control can be a strange position because the partner on top doesn’t have full control over your body.  The far side of the partner on bottom is basically free to move.  Learn how to use that space to escape and get back to a dominant position.

Muay Thai – Teep Kicks


  • Teep Kicks – Teeps are possibly the most under appreciated techniques in Muay Thai.  They allow you to easily control distance and inflict damage on your partner at the same time.  This week we will be learning how to get the most bang for our buck with these kicks by studying the timing, distance, and hip motion that goes in o proper execution.  Check out some of the strongest Teep Kicks in the game by Saenchai.


  • Teep Kicks – We will be looking at how to setup combos with our Teep Kicks.  We will use the Teep as a disrupter and feint to work into more advanced combos.

Kickboxing – Knees

This week we will be looking at how to throw knees properly.  Knees can be incredibly powerful, but you have to know how to get your hips into it.  Once you understand how to throw knees correctly we will take it to the bag and get our work in by doing skip knees.

CrossFit – Kipping Pull Up

The Kipping Pull Up is one of the many variations of pull ups we use in CrossFit. We use the whole body to help us go from a fully locked out arm to the chin over the bar with higher intensity.  The kipping pull up has four steps: 1) the kipping swing, 2) the high knee, 3) the barrel kick, and 4) the bench press. we only do one of the four steps in warm up and progression for the safest shoulder adaptation.  When your body is safe enough to move on to the next step, a quick and stable pull up is achieved!

Check out the video for a complete explanation plus demonstration!

Kids –

Focus of the Month – Self Discipline

Check out this article on a few ways to teach your kids self discipline.  Also, make sure your child is filling out their Self Discipline Worksheet so they can track how much self discipline they have and where they can improve on it.  Remember, for them to get credit they need to get every 10 acts signed off by an instructor.



  • Little Tigers – This week we will take a break from Jiu Jitsu and look at some basic stand up skills such as how to punch and how to defend punches.
  • Tigers – We will be sticking with how to Shoot a Double Leg and maintaining Back Control this week.  Both of these techniques will teach your child footwork and balance.
  • Advanced Tigers – We are focusing on the Mount again this week.  We will look at using the Toreando Pass to progress to the Mount Position.  Guard Passing will teach your child footwork and agility, while Mount will teach your child dynamic balancing skills.

Muay Thai

  • This week we will be studying Round Punches such as the Hook and Upper Cut.  This type of punch will teach your child the importance of their Center of Gravity and Balance.



Stop in and grab tickets to see Tyler Toner and Jarred Mercado in action at the Prize Fighting Championship Event at the Paramount Theater downtown on Feb 7th!  Jarred and Tyler have both worked extremely hard for this one so don’t miss it!  


Everything you want is on the other side of fear, so don’t let fear control your decisions.  There is risk inherent in everything we do from the moment we leave the house in the morning and being too stressed about this will rob you of the joy in your life.  This is not saying that it is ok to be reckless, but taking risks can be healthy and even help you grow as a person.  We often experience the most growth when we put ourselves outside of our comfort zone, so don’t be afraid to try something new or to make a change in yourself that allows you to live life to the fullest…absent irrational fears.



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