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December 25, 2017

Focus of the Week (12/25/17)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (12/25/17)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

12.25.2017 – 12.31.2017Tiffany Timebomb van Soest leading shadowboxing at her Boulder seminar


Fundamentals – undefined

  • Pummel to Low Back Clinch – Controlling the clinch is controlling the match. This is where we can learn to control and take our partner to the mat.
  • Frame to Pummel Escape – Learning how to frame and pummel on bottom of side control is massively important. Keeping the elbows in tight and avoiding the head wrap will help you avoid getting submitted and having the partner on top advance. Keep in mind that next week we will add in escapes from headlocks on the ground. These movements all tie in together.


  • Drills: Anaconda guard sweep, bull-fighter pass, frame escape
  • Takedown: Side clinch
  • Ground: Attacking knee on belly

Remember, all intermediate classes start with a hard drilling session. Please watch the video below for a detailed look at these drills. On the ground, we are learning how to attack from the top of knee on belly using a series of chokes.



  • Drills:Grip strip to double leg, roll to replace DLR, single leg from DLR, over-under pass, mount from side control, review mount escapes and attacks from previous 2 months
  • Ground:Passing open guard

Remember, all advanced classes start with a hard 25 minute drilling session. There are no videos yet, so please do your research before teaching class. Everyone teaching advanced curriculum should be familiar with these movements. On the ground, we are studying how to pass the open-guard. Focus on forcing half-guard and passing with the long-step, knee slice, and smash pass. Make sure there is at least 45 minutes of training in every advanced class.

Kickboxing – Body Punching

This week in kickboxing, we look at the art of attacking the body. Learning how to properly punch your opponent’s midsection can add a new level to your offense! We will work on level changes, setting up the body shots, and proper follow ups after we land a devastating body punch.

Muay Thai – Instructor Choice

It’s a holiday week with limited schedule, so come in and let’s have some fun in classes this week! We will resume our normal curriculum rotation at the start of the new year!


Positive Self-Talk

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right.”

Our self-image, and how we appear to others, is largely predicated on how we speak and think about ourselves. If all we do is talk about how we “can’t do things” or how we “aren’t good at things,” then we will never be able to do things, or do them well because of our own self-imposed limitations. When you impose limitations on yourself, and you identify with failure, then you will welcome failure. Conversely, if you identify with power and success, you will welcome success. Basically, how we speak of ourselves and the language we use, becomes our self-fulfilling prophecy.



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