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November 25, 2013

Focus of the Week 11.25.13 – Elbows and Escapes

Mike Tousignant

Focus of the Week 11.25.13 – Elbows and Escapes

Easton Academies | Muay Thai and BJJ

11.25.2013 – 12.01.2013


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Muay Thai – Elbows and Clinch

Fundamentals: Elbows – Muay Thai is a sport utilizing your entire body.  However, when many people think about fighting they only think about punches and kicks.  This week we will be looking at how to use your elbows to strike when you are too close.

Intermediate: Clinch and working inside your opponent – Continuing with the theme of working when we are close to our partner, we will expand our focus to encompass the entire clinch game.  Learn how to control your partner from an inside position while keeping yourself safe.

BJJ – Escapes and Half Guard


  • Pummeling To Lower Back Clench Takedown – The low back clinch is one of the most common positions to be in during a fight.  Some guy charges in on you and you end up in a wrestling match.  Learn how to dominate the position, and take the fight to ground, keeping both you and your partner safe, so you can start using your Jiu jitsu.

  • Basic Frame And Pummel From Bottom Of Side Control – Being on your back is no fun, especially when the guy on top knows what he’s doing.  Learn how to escape the side control and replace your guard, or maybe even get to your partner’s back!


  • Under Hook or Overhook To Front Headlock and Single Leg Takedown – This week we will be looking at two classic wrestling positions: the Front Headlock and the Single Leg.  Matches can be won or lost from the front headlock, if you know what you’re doing you can control your partner effortlessly.  However, if they get the better of you, you can end up in some bad positions.  The single leg is one of the most powerful, but technical wrestling take downs, and is a foundational movement to understand.  It can be a difficult position to control if you don’t know what you’re doing, so get in to class and put in your work!

  • Buck And Roll + Knee To Elbow Escape From Mount – High And Low – You already know the basic mount escapes.  It’s time to focus in on the details and get these moves working for you in training.  I know I hate being on the bottom of mount, which is why I’m so good at escaping.

Black Belt

  • Half Guard Bottom – Half Guard is one of the most dynamic positions in Jiu Jitsu.  Come learn some of the secrets to sweep and finish from this sometimes mystifying position.



  • Sean and Jeremiah’s fight on Dec. 6th. Tickets are for sale at your front desk (Cash only, please).
  • Check the holiday schedule.


There is no substitution for hard work.  You must put in some sweat equity if you want to get anything or anywhere in life.  From relationships to six pack abs…nothing worth having comes easy, so make sure that you are chasing things you’re willing to sacrifice for, or else it could stay out of your reach!  Work hard and reap the benefits!



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