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November 24, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 11/24/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 11/24/2014 )

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

11.24.2014 – 11.30.2014


Fundamentals – Back Attacks

  • Rear Naked Choke – This week we’ll study how to control somebody once we get to their back from standing.
  • Back Attacks – You’ve done it! You made it all the way to your partner’s back. Now it’s time to finish.

Intermediate – Guard Sweeps

  • Defending the Single Leg – The last couple weeks we looked at how to take somebody down off the Single Leg. This week we’ll learn how to defend this powerful takedown.
  • Balloon Sweep and Rear Sweep – Sweeping your partner from Closed Guard is a turning point in any BJJ match. This week we’ll look at how to sweep our partner if they’re leaning too far forward, with the Balloon Sweep, or to far backwards, with the Rear Sweep.

Kickboxing – Knees

This week in Kickboxing we will focus on a close and medium range weapon: knees. Like punches, there are different types of knee strikes depending on what our opponent is doing. We will look at 3 types: the straight knee, the angled knee, and the high knee. The goal this week is to add all these types into your kickboxing arsenal!

Fitness Challenge: Mountain Climbers and Sit Ups

Muay Thai – Knees

Knees are the second-highest scoring technique in traditional Muay Thai, behind elbows. We will look at different offensive uses of the knees, as well as how to counter punches with knees. Learn to time these correctly and they can be a very powerful weapon!

Advanced and Sparring Classes

From now until the smoker, these classes will be geared towards competition preparation. You can expect a large amount of conditioning on the pads, Dutch-style drills on the gloves and shinguards, clinch work, and body conditioning. If you don’t plan on competing in the smoker, make sure you are helping out your teammates who are, and push them a little extra in training!

Kids – Good Habits:L Taking Responsibility

Every action you take, you should want to own. You should want to sign your name to it. So, before you do something, think to yourself ‘Is this something I want my name attached to?’


  • Little Tigers – This week we’ll be working on our Stand Up game again, looking at how to properly throw a punch, and how to take our partner from standing to the ground where we can use our BJJ.
  • Tigers – We’ll be working on two things this week. First we’ll review how to get out of Mount, one of the most important self-defense techniques you can learn. Second, we’ll work on sweeping our partner form Closed Guard, going form the bottom of the fight to the top.
  • Advanced Tigers – This week we’ll be working on our Guard Pull sequences, looking at how to finish immediately after our Guard Pull.

Muay Thai

This week we’ll continue working on mixing our footwork and punches together. This gives our striking that ghostly quality, where we can hit our partner’s but they can’t hit us. Get ready for lots of agility drills!


  • Another great weekend of competition as the ETC competitors brought the heat at the PFC MMA event. It was a great show with one of our fighters winning the fight of the night honors! Congrats coach GiGi!
  • ETC Littleton/Highlands Ranch will be relocating and becoming ETC Centennial! Keep an ear out for the grand opening date and drop in and check it out! Hope to see you all there.


We were given mouths that close and ears that don’t. That should tell us something. Focus on listening when you should and your life should be much improved!



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