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September 28, 2015

Focus of the Week (9/28/15)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (9/28/15)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

9.28.2015 – 10.4.2015


Fundamentals – Headlock Defense

  • Standing Headlock Defense – Even though we are taught that headlocks are not good Jiu-Jitsu, most people without any real skill will definitely attempt to use them in a street fight. We will be learning to escape them standing for the stand up portion of this week.
  • Headlock Defense from the Ground – This is the perfect compliment to the standing headlock defense. Often, we are able to take the attacker down, but they make keep the headlock. When this happens, the arm bar is there. We’ll take of look at it this week!

Intermediate – Passing Closed Guard

  • Mid-Level Single Leg Takedown – This takedown is a bread and butter takedown and should be included in your arsenal as soon as possible. The mid-level single is ideal for self-defense because we don’t drive our knee all the way to the ground which could be dangerous. We will look at a couple of finishing options once we have control of our partners leg.
  • Passing Closed Guard – This week we will be passing the guard from the knees. Most would probably agree that standing to pass is best when the opportunity presents itself, but we MUST have options for passing when we are unable to stand in our partners guard.

Kickboxing – Round Kicks

Across the board in striking sports, the Muay Thai round kick is considered to be one of the most powerful strikes around. The use of the entire body to turn into the kick makes for an extremely powerful and heavy strike. Think of the round kick like swinging a baseball bat: your body must turn first and the bat (kick) will follow. This week we will look at proper mechanics and technique for the round kick in order to throw these with maximum speed and power. We will also look at mixing our punches with the round kicks and look at how to defend (check) a round kick and counter. When throwing round kicks, make sure to make contact on the bag with your shin, NOT your foot!

Fitness Challenge:

Muay Thai – Elbows and Inside Work

Elbows are the highest scoring weapon in traditional Muay Thai because they are the shortest weapon and the most difficult to land. It takes a skilled fighter to safely get to the inside range and land an elbow. This week we will look at a few different elbow options and how to set them up with other strikes in order to increase our chances of landing them. We will also look at timing our opponent’s offense in order to counter successfully with elbows. Once we have thrown an elbow, we are in the closest range possible, so we will look at options for either entering the clinch or preventing the clinch and creating space after our elbow!

Kids – Testing Week

Tigers BJJ and Muay Thai will be testing this week. Little Tigers will work on side control, and the Mat Chat is a continuation of our talk about strangers.


  • Congratulations to all of the ETC competitors that went to the Masters Worlds in Las Vegas this past weekend. We did great all around and are returning with plenty of hardware…however there were definitely a couple of MVPs. Professor Leanna from Castle Rock won the open division at Black Belt, and Professor Rossie from Centennial won gold at her weight in Black Belt as well. Congrats Ladies…way to represent!!!
  • Coach Max Madorsky will be fighting this weekend at the Kick Down MMA event being held at the Stampede! Please come out and support him as he sets out to earn his first amateur title belt!


An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.



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