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August 24, 2015

Focus of the Week (8/24/15)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (8/24/15)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

8.24.2015 – 8.30.2015


Fundamentals – Closed Guard

  • Basic Double-Leg Takedown – This is a nice multi-purpose takedown that is effective for taking your opponent to the ground regardless of the sport. Whether MMA, Wrestling, Or BJJ…this is a solid takedown that will land you in dominant position.
  • Closed Guard – The guard position is one that allows us to attack while not being in the best position. Many people choose to become masters of this position, favoring it to the top positions for the amount of options it provides. This week we will be looking at a nice combination of sweep and submission from the closed guard. This attack begins with a strong submission attempt and changes to a sweep when our opponent defends the submission.

Intermediate – Closed Guard

  • Arm Drag and Basic Double Leg – The arm drag is a great way to create an angle from standing to attempt a takedown. We will also be looking at using it to setup a double-leg takedown too. This will highlight the ability of the arm drag to create angles and create openings.
  • Sweep and Submissions from Closed Guard – For this week’s intermediate class, we will be going over the fan sweep plus two great attacks that seem to compliment it well. I always think of these three attacks together because they really work well chained together.

Kickboxing – Elbows

While elbows are not traditionally allowed under the Kickboxing rule set, they are the highest scoring weapon in traditional Muay Thai and a very valuable tool. Elbows are the shortest of our weapons, so we must be in the short-range in order to successfully land them. This week we will focus on several different elbow strikes, all with different targets and different capabilities: the horizontal elbow, the uppercut elbows, and the downward elbow. Focus on your mechanics with these and making sure your guard stays very tight while throwing elbows! Remember, if you are close enough to elbow somebody, you are also close enough to get elbowed back, so stay tight!

Muay Thai – Punch Defense, Shell Guard, and Long Guard Options

This week we focus on defending against round punches (hooks and uppercuts) and looking at a few different defensive options as well as our counter opportunities. When working defense, keep in mind some of our principles: 1) hit first and hit last, always finish the exchange, 2) when countering a shot, always answer one shot back with two to three shots of our own, never one for one, and 3) after you finish in an echange, get all the way IN or all the way OUT, do not stand and wait for the next exchange! We will use these 3 principles this week in class and make sure the drills are consistent with these goals.

Kids – ABCs of Conflict Avoidance – Be Calm

This week we’re talking about how to de-escalate conflict before resorting to our Jiu Jitsu. We’ll discuss how to stay calm even when someone else is trying to create trouble.


  • Little Tigers – Little Tigers will be working on maintaining the mount by playing Spider Kid.
  • Tigers – Testing Week
  • Advanced Tigers – Testing Week

Muay Thai

This week we’ll be practicing elbows, looking at different ways to throw elbow strikes and incorporate them into combinations.


  • In-House Muay Thai Smoker and BBQ on August 29th at ETC Denver! Registration is now closed. Come to watch your teammates compete, and bring a dish to share!


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