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August 17, 2015

Focus of the Week (8/17/15)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (8/17/15)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

8.17.2015 – 8.23.2015


Fundamentals – Back Escapes

  • Mid-Level Single-Leg Takedown – This is a great takedown to have in your BJJ/self-defense arsenal. For self-defense it’s great because it does not have you go all the way to the ground with your knee (all fine and good on a matted surface, but concrete…not so much) like the low-level singles and doubles do.
  • Back Escapes – Last week we looked a little at controlling and finishing from the back position. This week we will spend some time looking at defending and escaping from this position. You don’t want to be without both sides of the coin! Come in and learn how to defend and escape this really bad position!

Intermediate – Attacking Side Control

  • Mid-Level Double-Leg With Punch Setup – Setting up your takedowns is important for sport and for self-defense. We’ll be looking at self-defense for this week’s standup portion and will be including some concepts and punch combinations that will help you set up the mid-level double-leg takedown. You’ll find it much easier to take someone down if you get them to defend your punches first.
  • Attacking Side Control – Side control is an amazing position to work submissions from. Once you’re able to control your partner in this position, it’s easier to consider submitting them. This week Professor Eliot shows us how to do a walk around armbar and a Kimura from side control. Happy hunting!!

Kickboxing – Body Punches

The body is a great target for attacks in kickboxing, especially punches! This week we focus on proper technique for punching to our opponent’s body, as well as various set ups and follow ups off the body punches. We want to distract our opponent by striking to the head first, which will open up the body for attack. Once we attack the body, we can finish back up top or attack the legs. Remember to change levels with your legs and NEVER punch down to the target!

Fitness Challenge: Jump Squats and Russian Twists

Muay Thai – Directional Attacks

Fighting is not a stationary sport. Although it is confined to a specific area by the ring, the fight can take place anywhere inside, and the fighters are often moving to adjust. This week we will focus on our footwork and strikes while changing directions to adjust to the opponent as they change direction. Keeping our base underneath while attacking is one of the most important drills we can do! Learn to fight moving in all directions and you will have the advantage!

Kids –


  • Little Tigers – Little Tigers will be working on guard passing this week, using a game called Crazy Legs to pass the open guard.
  • Tigers – Tigers will practice the snap down, back take, and basic collar choke this week.
  • Advanced Tigers – This week we’re looking at the side clinch single leg, the busy series, and the grab and pull headlock.

Muay Thai

It’s body punch week for kids’ Muay Thai. We’ll be looking at a couple of different ways to attack the body with straight and rounded punches.


  • Congrats to both Coach Peter Straub and Gigi Good for winning their fights in impressive fashion! Great job guys!!
  • Congrats to all of the new promotees in Centennial! Two new black belts, four brown, and four blue belts! Congratulations to all of you! Your dedication and hard work has not gone unnoticed!
  • In-House Muay Thai Smoker and BBQ on August 29th! Check with the front desk or the Muay Thai/Kickboxing Coaches for more information. Will be a great opportunity to showcase what you’ve been learning in a relaxed environment. Check with your coach if you believe you might be interested.


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