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April 18, 2016

Focus of the Week (4/18/16)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (4/18/16)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

4.18.2016 – 4.24.2016


Fundamentals – Attacking and Maintaining the Back

  • Dragging Rear Naked Choke – Some times you need to get control of someone, but not necessarily hurt them. The dragging rear naked choke will do exactly that. This choke defuses the situation quickly without leaving much opportunity for bad guy. When used properly, it will end the conflict swiftly by rendering the attacker unconscious, or causing them to give up.
  • Maintaining the Back – RNC and Armbar – The back is a really dominant position. If you get to the back, you should be able to finish your opponent, or at least hold them there and maintain. With this week, we will look at maintaining the position, as well as two submissions that are fairly common from the back.

Intermediate – Arm Drag and Scarf Hold Defense

  • Arm Drag – Arm drags are awesome ways to close the distance and take your opponent down. Timing, speed, and momentum play a huge part in the success of arm drag take downs, and we will show you how to set these up with confidence.
  • Scarf Hold Escape – Much like the headlock, scarf holds can be devastating when done by the right individual. The important thing for us here is to know how to escape the scarf hold, and or turn it into a headlock, so we can escape without incident. If you are slow to act, you could very well find yourself getting submitted from this position, so get in to class and learn how to avoid the scarf hold, or escape it.

Kickboxing – Teeps/Push Kicks

The teep, or “foot jab,” is a linear weapon that has a variety of uses. It can be used to keep distance between you and your opponent, disrupt your opponent’s timing, or create space for another attack. This week, we will look at the different uses for the teep/push kick, and how to properly throw them to achieve maximum power and strong balance after you throw it!

Muay Thai – Round Kick Offense

This week in Muay Thai we will drill the signature Muay Thai strike: the round kick. We will sharpen our speed and power on our kicks, look at different set ups and follow ups, and how to stay safe if our opponent traps our kick. A strong round kick is a staple of every Thai Boxer’s arsenal, so come get your reps in!


  • Congrats to all of the Muay Thai and Kickboxing students that went out to compete or watch the Colorado Muay Thai State Championships. Easton will be bringing home some serious hardware, as many of the ETC students were able to win their respective divisions and are now 2016 Muay Thai State Champions!! Congratulations everyone! Your hard work and determination are unbeatable!


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