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January 3, 2017

Focus of the Week (1/2/17)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (1/2/17)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

1.9.2017 – 1.15.2017


Fundamentals – Bear Hug Defense and Mount Attacks

  • Front Bear Hug Defense – This week we will focus on defending a bear hug from the front by fighting for double underhooks and then moving to the low back clinch position.
  • Mount Attacks – This week we are focusing on how to attack from the top of the mount. First, we must understand how to maintain the mount, and then we will look at a basic cross choke and armbar.

Intermediate – Overhook, Underhook, and Mount Escapes

  • Overhook and Underhook to Front Headlock – Both the overhook and underhook can be used to upset the balance of our opponent, and pull them into a front headlock position. From the front headlock we can guillotine, snap them down to all fours, or set up a single leg.
  • Mount Escapes – Understanding how to effectively escape from the bottom of the mount is paramount in BJJ. This week we will look at the buck and roll, a few variations of the knee to elbow, and also the Helio escape.

Kickboxing – Reloading, Posting, Framing, and Weight Distribution

One of the most fundamental principles of fighting is learning how to effectively use your weight to generate power in your strikes. This week, we will focus on transferring our weight properly between our lead leg and our rear leg while throwing strikes. We will also look at a technique called “reloading,” which allows us to throw the same-side strike two times in a row, with power. Once we learn to shift our weight properly, we will look at “posting” and “framing,” which are techniques used to control the opponent and create rhythm breaks in our attack patterns. These prove to be very useful and cause confusion to the opponent! Weight shifting will play a key role in your striking development, so pay attention this week and get some good repetitions in!

Muay Thai – Round Kick Offense

This week in Muay Thai we will drill the signature Muay Thai strike: the round kick. We will sharpen our speed and power on our kicks, look at different set ups and follow ups, and how to stay safe if our opponent traps our kick. A strong round kick is a staple of every Thai Boxer’s arsenal, so come get your reps in!


We are a Diverse Group. Please be Respectful of Others!

The Easton Community is a diverse group, and that is something we are proud of. We are a place for everyone to train and grow as individuals. We are a sanctuary and a second home to our members. Always remember this, and remember the impact you have on others. The things you say, the things you do, and the way you talk to others all have an impact on our community. Please make sure that you are having a positive impact and going out of your way to make feel people welcome. This includes: not using foul language, not making jokes at the expense of others, and always making sure we are mindful of others’ feelings. If you see someone not acting in accordance with our values, do not chastise them, but rather kindly let them know that their behavior needs improvement. Be tactful, be kind and represent who we are well.



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