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December 14, 2015

Focus of the Week (12/14/15)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (12/14/15)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

12.14.2015 – 12.20.2015


Fundamentals – Dragging Rear Naked Choke and Back Attacks

  • Dragging Rear Naked Choke – This is a self-defense technique used to subdue someone from behind. Perhaps you’re in a situation where someone needs to be taken down but not necessarily with any real level of violence. This is your move to take them to the ground easily and quickly.
  • Back Attacks – Depending on who you ask, the back is the best position you can have in a fight. This position is extremely dominant and gives you some great options. We will actually be looking at a couple of submission options after we focus on maintaining the back first. Position before submission!!

Intermediate – Shot Defense and Side Control

  • Shot Defense – Instructors will choose from their favorite shot defense techniques and share with us this week. Single leg, double leg, and hip throws are just a few examples of techniques we will learn to defend. Don’t miss out on these techniques…you’ll be sorry.
  • Side Control – This is another pivotal position for you to make sure you understand. If you can hold your opponent down here, then advancing to mount or submitting them should become much easier. We will cover switching sides and going to mount this week.

Kickboxing – Elbows

This week we look at the sneakiest and one of the most dangerous weapons in our toolbox: the elbows. Landing an elbow on your opponent requires excellent timing, distance, and technique, because you are required to be on the inside to land the strike. We will train a variety of different elbow strikes and look at various set up and follow up strikes off them!

Muay Thai – Angles of Attack

Standing in front of your opponent and trading is definitely fun and exciting for the crowd, but not always your best bet. This week we look at creating angles of attack that leave us in better position to not get hit and to hit back. We will look at creating angles off our initial offense as well as angles created off our opponent’s attacks. Learn to create angles to confuse your opponent and open up more windows of attack!


  • Congrats to everyone that competed in the In-House Smoker that took place this past weekend. The event was a total success and showed the skill and sportsmanship that the ETC community possesses. Thanks to everyone that was part of it…you are a huge reason that we continue to be successful in Muay Thai and Kickboxing!
  • The In-House BJJ tournament will be held this coming weekend at the Denver location. Please be sure to go out and support your friends and teammates as they get out there and test each other on the mats.


I like to believe that you don’t need to reach a certain goal to be happy. I prefer to think that happiness is always there, and that when things don’t go the way we might like them to, it’s a sign from above that something even better is right around the corner.
-David Archuleta



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