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December 12, 2016

Focus of the Week (12/12/16)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (12/12/16)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

12.12.2016 – 12.18.2016


Fundamentals – Double Leg and Front Choke

  • Low-Level Double-Leg – With the double leg we want to make sure that both partners have the same leg forward (left foot to left foot). From here we will drop our level and keep our head up. With the leading left foot, we will take a penetrating step between the legs, and bump our partner with our shoulder. It’s important to keep our head on the outside of our partner’s hip. From here we will turn the corner and drive off our back foot to stand up on both feet.
  • Front Chokes and Side Sweep – When the partner is in our closed guard, we want to make sure to break their posture first. Once that is done, we will focus on getting our right hand inside our partner’s right lapel. You want the thumb of your right hand almost all the way on the back of the partner’s neck. From here we can take our left hand and grab a tuft of fabric behind the left side of the partner’s neck. Then our left foot will go on the hip, and we will change the angle like we are going for a basic armbar. We will swing our left arm around to the left side of our partner’s neck and meet our elbows in the center of our stomach. From here our wrists will pull apart to get the choke. If time permits, we’ll go over the scissor sweep. We use this when the partner on top blocks your attempts at getting your second choking hand on the back of the neck.

Intermediate – Low Back Clench and Side Control Attacks

  • Low Back Clench – This is one of the best positions we can end up in while standing. Depending on what our partner does we will either shrug them forward and get the lower back clench, or if they are wide and staying in front of us, we will go for our outside trip or Tai Otoshi.
  • Americana, Reverse Armbar, Kimura Combo – When we get our opponents in a dominant position such as side control and we isolate the far arm, they only have so many ways to go. If they keep the structure of their framed arm, we will look at going for the Americana. If, as we go for our Americana, they straighten their arm, then we keep our same hand position and go for the straight arm lock. If they have gone from an Americana, to straight arm, to arm bent down towards the waist, we now need to change our grips for the Kimura. It’s the same figure four grip the whole time (just switching hands when they escape the straight armlock to grab toward their waist. We should have this all down by now. From here let’s try to add in more resistance and really sharpen the technique.

Kickboxing – Low Kicks

This week in KB 1, we look at attacking the legs of our opponent, using the outside low kick and the inside low kick. These two kicks are designed to attack the lead leg of our opponent and cause damage, which in turn with slow our opponent down, and opens up another level of our offense (head, body, legs). We will also look at the basic defense for low kicks, by “checking,” and how to counter and return properly.

Muay Thai – Seminar Review and Instructor Choice

We have had a busy few months for our Muay Thai program! Since we are wrapping up the year, we will continue to touch on techniques from the Kru Bob Perez Seminars in class, as well as techniques of your Instructor’s choice. We will have some fun these last few weeks and get a good workout in!


The Importance of Self-Awareness
A discrepancy between how you think you are perceived by others and how you are actually viewed exists in most of us. It is important to be aware of this discrepancy–at least in the abstract. We should all strive to be more self-aware, and pay closer attention to how our actions may affect and influence others. In doing so, we can aim to be better people in the world.



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