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December 17, 2019

Focus of the Week 12/16/19

Carlos Espinosa

Focus of the Week 12/16/19

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

12.23.2019 – 12.29.2019




  • Drills: Push/pull stance drill, Russian drill, arm drag drill, takedown, De la Riva to anaconda guard to 1 leg X-guard sweep
  • Takedown: Punch Defense to Side Clinch
  • Ground: Arm bar and Triangle from the Closed Guard.


Kickboxing – Round Kicks

This week in Kickboxing, we focus on the most important and strongest strike in our arsenal: the round kick. This kick is widely regarded in combat sports as one of the most powerful and devastating strikes due to the sheer force and speed with which they can be thrown. Mechanics to develop a strong round kick are essential. We will focus on using our entire body and swinging our shin like a baseball bat in order to generate maximum force. The rear round kick, the lead leg switch kick, and learning how to throw these kicks for speed and balance will be the focus!

Muay Thai – Low Kick Defense and Counters

Last week our focus was low kick offense and strategy, so this week we flip the script and look at our common types of defense and how they apply to the low kick! Not all of our common defenses work well against the low kick, so we will focus on the core defenses (check/block, evade, intercept) and our best counter opportunities against a heavy-low kicker as well.

Kids –

Little Tigers

  • BJJ – Inside Hands

Tigers – White Belt

  • Standing – Double Leg
  • Ground – Mount & Americana

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Grip Strip Double
  • Ground – Mount Top
  • Arm bar from Gift Wrap


  • Congratulations to those of you who competed this weekend! Both at our Muay Thai smoker and in California for No-Gi Worlds! Don’t forget about the toy-drive going on in Denver. If you can, grab an ornament off of our Christmas tree and bring a gift back UNWRAPPED. The dead line for gifts is the 21st of December and if you would like to join us when we donate them on the 22nd, please feel free! Thank you all. Happy Holidays!

Thoughts – Healthy Lifestyles

We are a pretty unique place to train. On one side we have martial arts and self defense classes going on, and on the other we have fitness classes of many varieties taking place. The truth is, on both sides whether martial arts or fitness, we are very concerned with self-defense. Self-defense means much more than learning how to punch, kick, choke and armbar someone. Statistically speaking, most people are hurt or killed not by some violent attacker, but by heart disease, or some sort of health complication due to unhealthy lifestyles. All of you are here for a reason, and I would hedge my bets, that fitness and health is close to number 1 on everyone’s list. The reason we are here teaching is because we care about your goals, and we care about your health. We can come in and work with you for an hour a day and in that hour make great strides, but really, in the end, the food you’re eating and your habits outside the gym play an equally important role. Again, we consider ourselves a place where you can get in shape and learn some great self-defense skills, but the self-defense skills we strive to teach are more than just the martial arts. We want you to live better, eat better, and in general live healthier happier lives. If you guys ever need pointers on how to do this, please ask me or any of the other instructors because we are here to help!



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