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November 7, 2016

Focus of the Week (11/7/16)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (11/7/16)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

11.7.2016 – 11.13.2016


Fundamentals – Double-Leg and Triangle Choke

  • Low-Level Double-Leg – Typically when we are training from the feet (standing) its pretty common to see our partner with the same stance as us ( both having the right or left foot forward). This is a prime opportunity for us to learn to set up our double leg. We will be looking at how to change our level, getting low, and then shooting in for our double leg take down. Partner safety is key so lets make sure we all know how to break fall when getting taken down.
  • Triangle Choke – Push pull and fix bad triangle (make sure they understand what a good one looks like) – The triangle is a perfect move for self defense and sport jiu jitsu. It’s important for us to focus firstly on breaking our partners posture and making sure they can not land strikes on us. Secondly when we feel safe we will learn how to set up our triangle and avoid striking damage, and getting stacked on our neck by under hooking our partners leg.

Intermediate – Guard Passing

  • Basic Stand-up Guard Pass – When you are starting out in closed guard in the top position, passing can be extremely laborious. With a resisting opponent who is breaking our posture down and attempting to submit us, our only concern should be staying safe and keeping our poster. When passing closed guard we need to think about keeping our torso and spine as studious as possible. The more we look up towards the ceiling and less down at our partners below, the harder is it for them to break us down and advance their offense.

Kickboxing – Knees

This week in Kickboxing, we focus on a dangerous mid-range and short-range weapon: the knee. We will look at the mechanics and usage of the straight knee and the angled knee, as well as the skip knee and the barn door knee from the inside position in the “clinch.”

Muay Thai – Switch Series and the Dutch Rush

This week in Muay Thai, we will focus on some fancier footwork and angles. A few weeks ago, we looked at the concept of shifting to close the gap or make space. Now we will use the switch series to create new angles and the “Dutch Rush” to close the gap or chase a retreating opponent.


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“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”
Everyone has bad habits. Whether it is something small like biting your nails, or something bigger like binge eating, our lives would be better if we could kick the bad habits, and replace them with good ones. The good news is all of us are already on the right path. Taking responsibility for our personal health is something we should be proud of. Even more good news is that there are steps we can take to help rid our lives of bad habits and replace them with good ones. Two strategies that have proven successful are getting others involved and replacing negative thought or behavioral patterns with positive ones. For example, (staying in the realm of fitness) if on most weekdays we finish work and head home to have a few drinks and eat pizza, this will obviously contribute to an unhealthier lifestyle. If we choose instead to engage in positive behaviors like coming to class and being around others with similar goals, we will replace bad habits with good ones, while getting others involved in your efforts, and being supportive of others in theirs. We are a team here, and together we need to help each other and hold each other accountable. Obviously, like everything else, this is important in all areas of life.



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