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November 22, 2019

Focus of the Week 11/25/2019

Carlos Espinosa

Focus of the Week 11/25/2019

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

11.25.2019 – 11.31.2019




  • Drills: Push/pull stance drill, russian drill, arm drag drill, takedown, De la Riva to anaconda guard to 1 leg X-guard sweep
  • Takedown: Chop Down Arms to Double Leg
  • Ground: Pendulum Series from Closed Guard


Kickboxing – Angles of Attack

The goal of combat sports is to hit and not get hit! This week, we will focus on different ways of “stepping off the line” to avoid getting hit after we hit our opponents. A good rule of thumb is to step to the side you finish on. So, if you finish with your lead hand, step to your lead side. If you finish with your rear hand, exit to your rear side. This week, we drill the pivot step to the lead side and the slide step to our rear side. Get off the tracks!

Muay Thai – Boxing Offense

This week in Muay Thai, we will focus on the sweet science! Although most people associate Muay Thai with heavy kicks, elbows, and knees, boxing plays an important role in the sport. We will look at the differences and similarities between Muay Thai and western boxing, and then work on our offense this week.

Kids – The Three T’s – Tackle

Talk, Tell, then Tackle!

Little Tigers

  • BJJ – Side Control Escapes
  • Explanation – Maintaining Side Control

Tigers – White Belt

  • Standing – Hip Toss
  • Ground – Side Control Top + Switching Sides

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Grip Strip Single
  • Ground – Guard Bottom + Fan Sweep Kimura (Guillotine for No-Gi)


  • Muay Thai Winter Smoker on Saturday, December 14t! All classes cancelled that day. Keep your eyes peeled for the Holiday schedule updates and Holiday specials!

Thoughts – We are a Diverse Group – Please be Respectful of Others

The Easton Community is a diverse group, and that is something we are proud of. We are a place for everyone to train and grow as individuals. We are a sanctuary and a second home to our members. Always remember this, and remember the impact you have on others. The things you say, the things you do, and the way you talk to others all have an impact on our community. Please make sure that you are having a positive impact and going out of your way to make feel people welcome. This includes: not using foul language, not making jokes at the expense of others, and always making sure we are mindful of others’ feelings. If you see someone not acting in accordance with our values, do not chastise them, but rather kindly let them know that their behavior needs improvement. Be tactful, be kind and represent who we are well.



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