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November 18, 2018

Focus of the Week (11/19/18)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (11/19/18)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

11.19.2018 – 11.25.2018



  • Osoto Gari – This week we will focus on the classical right-handed osotogari, where tori steps next to uke with his left leg and reaps uke’s right leg (at the back of the thigh) with his right leg.
  • Mount Escape – Buck and Roll – Understanding how to effectively escape from the bottom of the mount is paramount in BJJ. This week we will focus on the buck and roll escape, and show how to combine the knee to elbow escape with the buck and roll.


  • Drills: Torreando
  • Takedown: Side Clinch Series
  • Ground: Punch Defense and Soneca Omoplata


Kickboxing – Boxing

This week we continue our focus of boxing! There are so many aspects of traditional boxing that translate well to kickboxing, so we will explore some of these concepts this week. Varying our speed and power punches, attacking the head and the body, and staying behind our jab are just a few we will go over!

Muay Thai – Intro to Clinch

This week we will focus on “Zone 1” attacks and clinch work. As we all know, clinch and grappling on the inside is an entirely separate game from punching and kicking at longer range. We will go over the fundamentals of clinch and positioning, as well as the basic offense, defense, and throws from the clinch. Don’t forget to take off your jewelry and take our your piercings before class this week. Also, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to bring a towel to dry off or a spare ranked shirt with you to class!

Kids – Strangers

This month we will be talking about “Stranger Alert,” lures, and the NO-GO-YELL-TELL four steps to safety.

Little Tigers

  • Warm Up – Front rolls, back rolls, hipping out, and break fall.
  • Standing – Jab, cross, knee.
  • BJJ – Crazy Horse, review Bulldozer and Spider Kid
  • Game – Instructor Choice
  • Explanation – For the Muay Thai portion of the class, we will focus on throwing a basic jab, cross, vertical rear knee combination. During the Jiu Jitsu portion, we will play the Crazy Horse game, which teaches students to spin to the back of a turtled opponent. Revisit the Spider Kid and Bulldozer techniques if time allows.

Tigers – Whtie Belt

  • Standing – Low Level Double-Leg Takedown
  • Ground – Closed Guard Bottom – Triangle Choke

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Arm Drag to Back
  • Ground – Guard Top – Knee Slice Pass

Thoughts – Don’t Put off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

I’m obviously preaching to the choir because clearly all of you are here bettering yourselves, and aren’t home sitting on the couch watching TV like a large majority of people. Still, I think it is incredibly important to hear from time to time the importance of initiative, and not putting the things off for tomorrow that could be done today. This is why I have never believed in New Year’s resolutions. If something is important enough that it is on our list of things to do, then waiting for an arbitrary date to begin is a disservice to ourselves. At some point, all of you made a decision to put your health and fitness on that list, and I am proud of all of you for getting in here and working hard. Pat yourself on the back for having the courage and gumption to get in here and work out today, instead of waiting for tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is not a luxury that anyone is promised…So today is what we have.



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